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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Chapter 13 : The First Mission of the Darkness God Corps

Word Count : 4437 words

Translator : Lunate87, TLC : Baka367, Editor : champion9124

The next morning ~~

Yuusuke's brand new lifestyle will begin from this point in his room, to indulge in laziness.
Travelling on the carriage the previous day, from dawn till dusk, had left him exhausted, and subsequently dealing with the trouble that happened within the palace didn't help either. Although he headed to bed early, due to not being accustomed to the environment, he couldn't sleep properly. When he finally slipped into his dreamland early in the morning, a heartless little demon kicked and spewed fire as she barged into his room.

"Yuusuke, It's time to wake up! This isn't the time for you to stay in bed, Wake up immediately!"(Violet)
"This is useless."(Violet)


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