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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Chapter 8 : Yusuke's Decision (part 2)

Yusuke being escorted with his hand shackled behind his back, was full of admiration to the god corps as their horse-drawn carriage was traveling twice the speed of when he came to the city with Zeshald without swaying, at same time he was examining the shackles with the customization menu.

When operating on the customization menu, he tried to focus and concentrate on his finger to lead the and adjust the parameter of customize create as result he noticed that it was possible.

'It seems that once I get use to it, it is possible to operate without seeing.'(Yusuke)

It seems that the shackles that were created by the divine arts users for the divine arts users doesn't seem to have a negative effect on the one who wears them, it is made of a very durable material that was created by using earth arts and flame arts, it was build in a way that it would not break with tempering.

'It seems similar to the crystals parameters.... to remove it completely I just have to lower the settings to the lowest and it shouldn't be a problem'(Yusuke)

Realizing that he couldn't press on the execution button, Yusuke begin to move the parameters of the shackles to train his concentration.

Sitting quietly in the corner while Yusuke seems to be idly looking at something, and concentrating on something, giving off a weird atmosphere, the soldiers who were looking at him felt the eeriness from his black hair and his behavior


"My princess, let's head up to the palace first."(Krielov)
"Nh? Are we not waiting for Yusuke?"(Violet)

"Jumping off the carriage is bad manners", as Krielov had nag at Violet, while seeing that the curious city onlookers begin to gather around. Among these people, there might be a Blue garden spy.

The subsequent carriage which seem to be arriving shortly is still a distance away, rather than stay here on the stop it is better to head back to the palace first as Krielov judges. Violet acted in accordance to his proposal after he stop nagging.

"Oh Oh! My esteem Princess Violet, I am so glad that you have return safely."(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

As they reached the gates between the commoner and middle class district, the soldiers who were stationed at the city was looking at the suspicious green hair man waiting there rubbing his hand while wearing a professional jester's smile who walked up to them.

'It's that fella who speak up just now' as Violet thought. The man was standing there as if trying to get credit for something, he was showing an awfully arrogant behavior towards the god corps while flattering Violet.

Seeing that guy's grinning face, Sun froze on the spot.


~~ YES! It was a huge hit , yahahahahah ~~~
~~ eheheh! That female beast, keep her as it is pin down on the ground~~
~~ Ahhh! It's was so close I thought I was aiming at her neck! ~~


Her past nightmares begin to encroach on her consciousness and begin to blow up from the bottom of her memories.

"huh? Oi, what is it?"(Violet)


'It couldn't be' as he saw the artless girl who Princess Violet was speaking to and begin to fill with anxiousness. After successfully escaping the scary water art user Zeshald, he hid in the slums for almost a decade, until recently he no longer felt scared and begin to come out.

Due to Zeshald's defection this time, it serves as a chance to write off his past through the palace officials, as he told a story about a blue garden spy and his investigation plan. After all the village of the artless does not have anything at all.

Compared to Fonclanc, the artless treatment in Blue Garden is like heaven and earth. Here the artless were treated as Demi-human while there is non who is treated officially like that in Blue garden.

For example even if Zeshald adores the artless and have resides nearby for nearly 10 years, if they were to hear the contents during that incident, the fact that 2 artless and one earth art user were killed and that only the 2(zeshald & asshole) of them who knows about it, and Zeshald who killed the earth art user is currently in the enemy's country Blue garden.

Thus the Credibility of his own story should not be suspected. But ~~

"There is no way....... is it that kid from that time ......? That should have been a mortal wound....."(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

Standing there at this late hour, he begin to think about it, as Zeshald divine arts was a water art type it have the healing system. Zeshald who could stop the blood flow of his opponent in an instant, to the extend of death while being a "healer" user, it is possible that he is able to revive/restore a person from that state.

"this, this is bad! She remember me.......! no, no wait..... there should be a problem, the end result is still the same"(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

During that time she was still a small kid, she might have not well understood what happened. There would be no problem if I insist her father who died was the want who made the deal with the spy of Blue Garden.~pov of the asshole

He was leaking out cold sweat while thinking of a countermeasure, during this time the carriage which Yusuke was riding have arrived at the entrance of the city.


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