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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Chapter 6 : A Fresh Beginning (Part 1)

"Is that made out of morph?" (customer)
"That's right" (yusuke / Zeshald)
"How much is it?" (customer)

The clothes tailored through Yusuke's customized ability was sold out, the clothes fabric was made from the fur of domestic animals reared in the village of Rufuku.

Having secured a good stall location on the main street, as their lineup of clothes and shoes were of quality it cooked up quite a bargain, and thus were selling like hot cakes. Zeshald begin to teach the way of the merchant to Yusuke, as they were taking a rest while summarizing the sales proceeds.

"That's most of the stuff sold. After this let's go get the daily necessities and begin the preparation to go home."(Zeshald)

While tidying up the unsold small items, Yusuke remembered the important secret story that was told to him last night. Zeshald who plans to infiltrate and spy on the true state affairs of the neighboring country Bull Garden whom had one way or another tried to provoke a war.

In the first place there wasn't a need to participate in this type of mission, one may well say that the active duty palace officials are busy with the government affairs, due to the hostile aggression in the vicinity of Bull Garden's border, highway blockades are being carried out causing an obstruction in the flow of manpower and goods which indirectly affects works/constructions as a form of counter measure to limit them.

Since a person with heavy allegiance would be informed of the enemies betrayer, to be send into the mouth of the tiger would be too dangerous, by going in as a traitor would be much feasible.

To a certain extend of strength and experience, Zeshald still have influence and prestige among many within the palace, even though he had retired from political affairs, thus being the most qualified if one is to think in terms of time and talent.

Yesterday's turmoil, "Discord between the Former Imperial God Skill Instructor Zeshald and King Esvobus" that act may have made a good publicity through Bull Garden's spies, as Zeshald mention.

"Understand? Keep an eye out for items of quality that is very cheap, unless the items are sold out immediately take it and purchase , at least that way we won't need to make a 2nd round trip to the market to find it."(Zeshald)

"As I thought I would like a wooden scoop"(Yusuke)
(TL: Was wondering what the fuck was ボッタ botte until I found out that only the Italian word make sense)

Zeshald who was about the leave the country alone, wanted to entrust the Village of Rufuku to Yusuke. And Sun's situation too. He wanted Yusuke to learn as quickly as possible about the knowledge of this world, and to apply the use of this knowledge and wisdom to his daily life.

"It's about lunch time"(Zeshald)
"Do you want to have lunch?"(Yusuke)

As we were mostly done with our shopping, we headed into the nearby eatery to have lunch. Although there were many street side food and drink stalls, Zeshald who wanted to teach various things to Yusuke decided to head into a regular shop.

The shops in the commoner districts isn't as expensive as those located in the middle class and noble districts. They usually have the kind of public cafeteria like atmosphere, while at night there are the taverns.

"This place doesn't seem to have much of a change."(Zeshald)
"Well, I am from the same type of human civilization. Even though it is a different world, there are many things that are similar."(Yusuke)

Zeshald begin teaching the origins of the structure of the rank systems in the city and how it's citizen are supported, little by little Yusuke begin to absorb the general knowledge of the world. The shop was packed with people as it was lunch time, within the hustle and bustle of the crowd, there was one person who was quietly peeking on the master and students table.


Afternoon ~~

We returned to the carriage began loading up the luggage while preparing for the trip back to the village. We will have to leave early tomorrow, that way we would be able to arrive in the evening. I had bought a few species of crops as I have a plan to cultivate them on a field in a corner of the village, thus I am eager to go back immediately and customize the soil which would be the location for the cultivation.

"Excuse me, have you seen Mr. Zeshald"(green hair guy)

While we were securing the luggage with ropes, a green hair man approach the carriage, as he spoke in a light-hearted voice.

"Yes? Indeed, my name is Zeshald"(Zeshald)
"Former .... Imperial God Skill Instructor, please come"(green hair guy)

To carry a hidden meaning within his words, Zeshald instantly looked at him in the eyes and astute. Yusuke had expression while Zeshald and the green hair young man was staring at each other. Although it seems that they weren't acquaintance, but it seems that the young man know things about Zeshald.

Yusuke felt insecure from the state of Zeshald who is having a standing off with the green hair young man, it this man the one from yesterday's talk "Bull garden's spy"? While Yusuke was thinking about it and before the expression of yesterday appeared, Zeshald called out to him.

"Yusuke, I am sorry but could you leave for a little bit please."(Zeshald)
"Eh? ok, yes"(Yusuke)

While Yusuke was leaving the carriage, Zeshald and the green hair man turn and walked towards the city's direction together. As they become aware that Yusuke wasn't in the area, the green hair guy of wind skill people used a wind skill which only the targeted person could hear and invited Zeshald.

"Do you have any feelings left before you leave this country?"(green hair guy)

As Zeshald predicted, yesterday's commotion had some effect on bull garden's decision to recruit the former Imperial God Skill Instructor.

After a few minutes have passed, Zeshald returned to the carriage alone and prepared to get in bed.
Curious about what had been spoken Yusuke came over and ask, Zeshald told many things in general to him and that he was still considering, and he urged Yusuke to rest his body in preparation for tomorrow.

"This might be a little early though."(Zeshald)
"It is still bright"(Yusuke)

Zeshald murmur to Yusuke to make sure that he knows the task that should be done, the truth is, that he was keeping something else from him.

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