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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Chapter 9 : The gate's square of the commoner district (Part 1)

"Sun, are you okay?"(Yusuke)

The unpleasant smell that came from the burnt human was being blown out of the city by the wind art users, Yusuke who was currently being healed by the water art user using the healing system was anxious about Sun. As her clothes were all torn up something was needed to be done immediately, rhus a place to change clothes is needed.
In the original game specification the customization ability, while customizing equipped items, it will cause it to be unequipped.

Currently Sun is wearing a flame corps mantle over her torn clothes. It was Violet who put on the flame corps mantle onto Sun. Yusuke look back at Violet and thought 'surprising' she was a good person.
(TL notes: It's weird as the author place っぽいat the back, cause the word come out like person-ish)


"Ahahahaha Krielov! Why are you still standing over there"(Violet)

Violet instructed the soldiers to heal Yusuke and release the shackles currently on Sun, next she went to peek into the large pit in the gate square and started laughing. The only flame corps person who got involved in the pit was Krielov, as he was the first one who acted to try an arrest Yusuke when he unfasten the shackles. And that was the result.

The depth of the hole that spread across the middle of the commoner district cobblestone road, reach the base of the foundation section, which was about 2 and 1/2 meters deep. Although it is not very deep, it is a little difficult to crawl up when fully equipped with armor.

In the hole, the sides were all cobblestone walls, rather than 'producing' or 'creating', it was more of a 'deformation' to the cobblestone through Yusuke's customization ability.

The devoted and loyal Krielov caught a glimpse of Violet who was having fun, begins his nagging again  'Princess you should not be laughing with your mouth so wide open', and as he look back the bottom of the hole begins to fill up like the previous phenomenon.

Rather than falling into a hole, he thought that the wall have suddenly sprang up in front of him. He waited for the faint dancing light to appear, but he realized immediately there was non to be seen. He couldn't understand what kind of divine arts it was. And then, a few people came falling down normally.

"The mix of all the divine arts, is it...."(Krielov)

It was not before long when Krielov and his soldiers got out of the hole. Reminisce of the faint dancing light could be seen in spite of that, they were suddenly standing outside of the hole. The bottom of the hole where they stood felt like it moved up to the ground of the square.

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