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Friday, 15 May 2015

Chapter 9 : The gate's square of the commoner district (Part 3)

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"Copy paste Copy paste.... stairs with handrails should be better....alright something like this"(Yusuke)

By concentrating on his consciousness on the customizing process a rough shape was form, the fine details were add on by trimming with his fingers. This was the answer derived by Yusuke from thinking what would Violet be delighted from.

"Yusuke seem to be doing the same thing like when he cleaned up the square a little while ago, what is the thing that he is doing?"(Violet)
"Well....., I also do not know what Yusuke's Divine arts do....."(Sun)

Whenever he uses his divine arts, his fingers will always move around like this, as Sun explained. Although she had kept silent about things she had seen, like changing the taste of food, changing the design of the table and chairs, transforming old clothes and shoes to brand new which all are phenomenons.

"Well, final check ..... doesn't seem to have a problem, I wonder is this okay?"(Yusuke)

Wondering if there was any problems withe the customization date that was put together, Yusuke used it's preview function to perform the various checks, like "Falling" on its own weight aka "Collapsing", or the danger of "Sinking", thus confirming that there was no problem he walked towards the middle of the square while calling the 2 girls to join him.

"Come here, Sun"(Yusuke)

Being gently called over, Sun trotted towards Yusuke's side.

"Hey, You too come over here for a little while"(Yusuke)
"Oi! What's that difference in treatment!"(Violet)

Being rudely called over Violet stomped with anger towards Yusuke, but as she stood in front of him she became full of anticipation. What was about to begin, as the soldiers and onlookers that were still around whom were staring from afar, standing in the middle of the deserted gate square was just those 3 people.

Making sure that the 2 girls were next to him, Yusuke pressed the execution button.

"Loading"[customization (program?/Menu?)]

The landscape suddenly changed before their eyes. Towering over the high walls of the middle class districts, even passing through the noble district's wall and finally exceeding the height of the palace. The cold wind that only blows in high places could be felt.

"Whaoooo! What's is this ~~!"(Violet)
 "I tried to make an observation tower"(Yusuke)

The height of the tower is about 80m. It seems that Yusuke "love high places", Violet was filled with admiration as she looked over the edge of the observation tower's open veranda to see the view which is higher than the palace.

From outside it looks like an average stone tower, but the internal materials have been customized to the strength of steel. In order for an expansion of the city, there was a material yards nearby where the cut out stones were stored, as there were not enough building materials the system took it from there to compensate.

A tower which seems to reach towards the heavens suddenly appeared, all the people remaining in the square simultaneously hang their mouth opened as they stared with eyes wide opened.


"HAR  Princess! Are you alright ! Princess Violet!"(Krielov - shouting I guess)

As Krielov shout resonated to Violet who was currently at the top of the tower. Hereupon, Violet responded by showing her face and waving towards him. Krielov begin to feel chill down his spine when he saw Violet leaning out narrowly towards the edge of that high location.

" O   Krielov! Come See this It is very high you know!"(Violet)
"Ah, it is dangerous! Don't lean your body so far out!"(Krielov)

Krielov became relieve when he finally manage to see Violet's face, he was concerned whether that this tower that is higher than the palace which is located at the commoner district would be a problem or not. More than that, to be able to build a tower of this scale in an instant with his divine arts, Yusuke whom is shrouded in mystery.

"Why did Zeshald leave someone with so much power behind.....?"(Krielov)

With the sudden appearance of the tower, curious onlookers begin to gather in the gate square, it seems that Krielov days of troubles and needless worries have begin to expand as wrinkles appears between his eyes.


"You are the best! Will this continue to remain here?"(Violet)
"Well, Just in case I made it stronger, so there is no fear of it collapsing."(Yusuke)

"I see, the things that are fun have increased by one. Your divine arts seems very interesting."(Violet)
"Well yeah"(Yusuke)

Connecting the observation deck and ground floor is a spiral staircase with a rest floor between every 5 levels.
Although there is a small window at every rest floor, but inbetween each rest point is absolute darkness as there are no lighting yet, thus needing appropriate installation of lighting, as Yusuke gave a brief description of the tower specification, throughout the way Violet had been in a good mood. As the was about to end, Yusuke and his party descended the tower by the long staircase.

"Ah, my legs.... feels like a pole"(Violet)
"To go down .... should I say is tiring.  Sun are you okay?"(Yusuke)
"yes, I am okay"(Sun)

Yusuke and Violet were already out of breathe, but it seems like Sun was still taking it easy. The 2 of them were in full of admiration of her, indeed grew up in the countryside, Sun felt sky and her cheek became alittle red. The gate square have become completely dark, stationed in front was a carriage of welcome from the palace.

"Today you guys are going to say in the palace, the rooms are currently being prepared."(Violet)
"I say this because it seems too much of a formality, I would rather stay in some inn in the city."(Yusuke)

"It must not be allowed"(Violet)
"why not...."(Yusuke)

To say that she is not being particular about the Palace etiquette, thus giving Yusuke a peace of mind, Violet brought his group to the palace.

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