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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chapter 6 : A Fresh Beginning (Part 2)

The next morning, we begin to set off from the city just before dawn. Along the way, Zeshald kept to talking about things of this world. 

From the burdens of the soldiers who maintain security, to the area in which they are in charge of, how much authority are they allowed to exercise, how to deal and raise a case if trouble occur, and where to go to make an appeal, etc.

"Cultural exchange between the villages to learn from them is good, learning how to ride a horse is good, when you want to buy a horse head over to the city and -"(Zeshald)

The pace of teaching until now wasn't as comfortable, as if Zeshald was cramming all of the knowledge and forcing them down Yusuke's throat, although Yusuke felt uncomfortable, he knows that there must be some circumstances else Zeshald would not be so desperate as to force memorization.

"As I thought, it had to be something involving that green hair guy yesterday."(Yusuke)

And at that pace we arrived at the village, I(yusuke) was blasted with knowledge to make me dizzy.

"Welcome back, teacher.  ..... Yusuke-san, what happen to you?"(Sun)
"Argh .... my temple is pulsing"(Yusuke)
"hmmm, I think I have rushed too much"(Zeshald)

As Zeshald's carriage entered the village of Rufuku, the villagers all gathered to help unload the luggages. In the luggages were part of items that were entrusted to them for sales, the rest were daily necessities that had been requested to be bought.

"Teacher! Is there any shearing blades?"
"Love, it's in that luggage over there."(Zeshald)
"Is earring of shellfish being sold?"
"Unfortunately only one left unsold"(Zeshald)

Zeshald spend some time overlooking the clamorous and bustling villagers of Rufuku, after which he switch to a much lighter tone to talk about tomorrow's weather.

"By the way, I will be going on a long journey from tomorrow onwards, and temporarily could not return to everyone, be it treating of injuries or illness."(Zeshald)

All the villager who heard about it had a surprised look simultaneously, up until now he had traveled out to distant lands for research, as there were times when he had left the house empty for a long time, thus everyone regained their composure immediately.

As the villagers exchange their goodbyes with Zeshald, Sun was the only one with a confused look, "I didn't heard about it". Yusuke was kind of expecting that to happen as he have be calmly observing the chain of events.

"Well than, let's return home."(Zeshald)

The villagers also returned to their own houses. After they placed the carriage at the back of the house and the brought the horse to the stables, the three of them entered the house through the back door.

"Teacher, what kind of things will you be doing?"(Sun)

As soon as they entered the house, Sun pressed on Zeshald for answers. Up until now whenever Zeshald goes on a journey, he would informed Sun beforehand. But this time the sudden proclamation of a long journey without temporarily coming back was too much.

"I'm sorry, a little complicated situation have occurred."(Zeshald)
".... .... Is it difficult to speak of it?"(Sun)

As Zeshald did a refusal to talk nod, Sun hang her head down in silence. Zeshald begin grooming Sun's white hair through combing by gently brushing it, while Yusuke begin to talk about future plans.

"During my time of absence, it would be good if Yusuke continue to stay in this house. Sun could you continue to take care of his daily needs."(Zeshald)

"eh.... ... me and Mr. Yusuke?(Sun)

That is to say 2 people alone living under one roof, meaning to live together. Sun briefly glanced towards Yusuke line of sight, while Yusuke did not glance back he was listening attentively to what Zeshald had to say.

"I hoping to entrust this village and Sun matter to Yusuke. But, you still do not have enough knowledge about this world."(Zeshald)
"Well yea..."(Yusuke)

While Yusuke nodded, he realized that Zeshald's pointing out remarks was just to get a positive reply. That is to say that Zeshald had no doubt understand Yusuke's character.

With proper cognizance and sincere thoughtfulness, giving the required information and knowledge to Yusuke, the direction that is need to go is being pointed at. From today onwards, we must carry on without the support of Zeshald.

"Broaden your insights, Yusuke" (Zeshald)

Zeshald said as he gave a key to a study in the back of the house to Yusuke, he wanted Yusuke to read and gain knowledge from the books that are there.

During that evening, the three of them sat on the table, the meal prepared was a little more sumptuous than usual, as they were celebrating a farewell dinner and praying for the safety of the journey for Zeshald.

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