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Monday, 4 May 2015

Chapter 6 : A Fresh Beginning (part 3)

Click here to view the whole of chapter 6. Hiaz I didn't realize I was typing Zeshald name wrongly, so I have changed all the pages chapter to the correct naming.

The Next Day ~~

The sky was still dark in the village of Rufuku, as the villagers were all still sleeping, Zeshald got onto a carriage from Bull garden that was awaiting him on a road outside of the village. From here he will be leaving Fonclanc's territorial borders and entering Bull garden territories through the shortest route.

They boldly dive once into the city of  Sanc Adiet, as they transverse across the opposite side of the city towards the borders. The spy from bull garden who is currently travelling with Zeshald, had to make sure that Zeshald would not hand him over to the city guards/soldiers.

For the past few years there was a secret investigation about the discord between King Esvobus and Zeshald, which investigation reported that the discord had intensified, thus the order to recruit Zeshald came from the motherland(Bull garden) 4 days ago. As it was a cautious period they had to ascertain the location of contact due to the day before yesterday's turmoil that happened.

As soon as they saw a good opportunity they came over with the invitation, and it was a great success. Although the relationship of Princess Violet and Zeshald was something to be worried about, but in the end this personal preference selfish princess isn't involved with the political affairs. And also Zeshald doesn't seem interested in her.

"It will take about 3 days before we cross the border and arrive at paula. Until than it would be cramped."(Bull garden spy)

"It doesn't matter, I am accustom to sleeping on a horse-drawn carriage. Nevermind that, what about those dangerous guys who were lurking around the village were they cleared out?"(Zeshald)

"That village is my oasis."was what Zeshald said, as he had pointed out the presences of those lurking around the village.

".... As expected of the Former Imperial God Skill Instructor, to be able to notice the presences of the 'Wind Troupe' "(Bull Garden Spy)

"'Wind Troupe' we called it 'Wind Corps', to have these elites entered so deep inside. This country is without a doubt losing it's grip.(Zeshald)

As Zeshald spew out a sigh of disappointment, the spy companion returns a grinning smile.


Morning came, by the time I awake from my sleep, Zeshald was already not in the house. From today onwards I have to think about what I need to do, and decides on what my next step should be. While I was looking at the key that was handed over to me through the list on the customization menu, in order to solve the immediate problem I opened my mouth.

"Good morning, Sun"(Yusuke)
".... Good morning*"(Sun)
*(TL: ございます gozaimasu = a more polite form)

Awkward greetings were being exchanged across the table in the hallway. As Sun whose was appearance was showing anxiety and restlessness, I switched my feelings,"It will do us no good if I do not make the first move". I put away the key into my pocket and stood up, Sun was startled as her shoulders trembled.

"Should we begin the preparation for breakfast?"(Yusuke)
"Eh? Oh, yes I'm sorry!"(Sun)

Sun who was rather flustered stood up and headed outside with a water bucket to get water from the well. Seeing what just happened I shrug my shoulders, I headed towards the food shelves to get the meat and lala fruits for breakfast. I opened the customization menu and brought up the sweetness status of the lala fruit.

"Hi, Sun. Good morning."(Bahana)
"Ah, Good morning... ...Aunt Bahana"(Sun)
"Are you preparing breakfast now? You could have gotten the him to fetch the water."(Bahana)

Bahana urged that the heavy lifting should be done by guys, Sun who couldn't speak to him about it shook her head. As Zeshald who was the relief agent wasn't around, it has been tense since the morning exchange of greetings.

"My poor child"(Bahana)

Bahana lamented about what just happened and was worried about the future, so decided to be strength for these 2 people in place of Zeshald.

As the morning mist of the commoner district in Sanc Adiet begin to clear up, in the dinning halls of Volance Palace atop the noble district, cutting apart the most delicious part of these honey flavored fruits from a dessert and placing it into her mouth, Violet who was alone, complained to the chief butler.

"Will Zeshald be coming to the palace today?"(Violet)
"There seem to be various circumstances"(Chief butler)
" This is so boring, when will father stop his discord with Zeshald. Wouldn't it be better if they could just quickly reconciled."(Violet)
(TL: I wanted to put this sentence instead, "This is so boring, when will father stop being a dick to Zeshald.")

Even though after a unexpected reunification at the commoner district there was no sign of Zeshald coming over, she was hoping to hear all his stories of journeys he had during this long period. The attendant Krielov was currently doing his usual commenting of fault finding on the princess, thus the princess finds him not interesting even if they stay together. 

"Let's see, wasn't there another interesting guy. I remember he was called Yusuke"(Violet)

That rude black hair guy who was Zeshald's acquaintance. Because he grew up in a distant foreign land, I might be able to hear some unusual and rare stories.

"I should sent my ninjas to the commoner district to find him, this maybe a good idea."(Violet)
"My dear princess, do you know the king has temporary ban the use of the ninja squad?"(Krielov)
"Don't worry, don't worry. I will just act like a spoil child and sent a message to him 'Father, have you come to hate me?'"(Violet)

The princess giggles and begins her sinister laughter, the chief butler sighed as he thought, 'The king also have his troubles'


A few days later, Bull Garden made an official announcement to every countries about a personnel.

--  Fonclanc's Former Imperial God Skill Instructor Mr Zeshald will be greeted as our country's God Skill Instructor to cultivate the elites of our country --

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