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Monday, 1 June 2015

Chapter 14: Gearhawk fortress

Translator : Lunate87, TLC : Baka367, Editor : champion9124

“How is that?”(Wind troupe guy A)
“It’s useless after all. In the end I barely managed to scratch it.”(Wind troupe guy B)

Hearing that the wind user, who had the most penetrating arts, gave up, the leader of the elite group of Blue Garden sighed, groaning without saying anything as he hit the outer wall of the fortress that stood before him.

The appearance of the strange structure around the fortress was not in their calculations. Still, this structure has achieved “the intended result”.

“We cannot call this situation resolved, can we?”(Wind troupe guy C)  
“We are not done yet. We have to remove all traces of ourselves first.”(Wind troupe guy A)

Jamming the transmissions by using wind arts did not take much time to set up. However, the walls of the fortress were immune to the slicing and stabbing damage of the wind attacks. Although, the walls of the fortress were not that durable during the attack they carried out a few days ago.


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