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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Chapter 9 : The gate's square of the commoner district (part 2)

Yusuke begin to restore the gate square back to it's original state without the walls and pits, while protecting Sun who was standing behind him, the commotion this time was due to Violet's inquiry. The attendant who was nearby when directly to the royal princess to seek an explanation as the soldiers were all murmuring at the act.

The flame corps soldiers came falling in to report and were about to prostrate in front of Violet to ask for forgiveness, while Violet showed a gesture and said,"It's all good, no need to".

"He really is a completely rude man, even towards a royalty he dares to make crocodile tears."(Violet)
"Respect is something that is to be embrace naturally."(Yusuke)

Violet laugh at Yusuke's words of wisdom, after which he begin to explain the situation of the accusation from that arrested burnt man from earlier.

When Yusuke heard the news that the village of Rufk had a spy connected to Blue garden, it immediately reminded him of Reifold. Why did he appeared in the forest at that time, should I (yusuke) question the villagers myself.

"Well, in the end it was all an act by that fella. To actually butter up to me and take me as a transparent being."(Violet)

In the first place she just wanted to sent the honorable ninjas and investigate about Zeshald within, but due to that fella instigating a prosecution they had to official sent the soldiers thus this was the sequence of events that happened, as Violet explained, astonished by it Yusuke begin to murmur.

"What, as I thought you were the ringleader. Nevertherless an act or accusation ...... Don't Joke around with me"(Yusuke)
"Moh  let me say, I didn't intend for you guys to be treated roughly"(Violet)

"I wonder. Nevermind, I guess you are going to sent us back to the village right."(Yusuke)

From the city to the village of rufk it will take around 1/2 day of traveling with an ordinary carriage. It was soon to be nightfall as he look up into the sky, Yusuke grumbled at not being to go home today, and there is also the problem with Violet which is yet to be settle.

"It seems that the suspicion of betrayer was cleared up because of that man act ......, but Yusuke when you were in rage you have injured some of the soldiers."(Krielov)

"Heh?" (Yusuke)

Yusuke did not remember only fighting the act guy, thus he was flabbergasted by what he(krielov) said. Violet who was watching had a broadly grinning smile, and he explained that when Yusuke created those pitfalls there were several people who gotten injured in the process.

Unlike Krielov, "Didn't notice that it was a hole" was standing in the middle of the location where the hole had been created, thus he wasn't injured, but there were people who were at the corner of it when it happened, thus slipping off the side and fell into it, causing some injuries such as bruises.

"Nope, that is not my fault"(Yusuke)
"I do not know of your feeling, but in any case there was no need for you to involve in the fight over there."(Violet)

"You could have appealed to the palace about that guy, entrust the matter to the soldiers, and all this commotion could be avoided"(Violet), as Yusuke hear that he was lost for words.

Certainly that was true, becoming lost in anger and didn't consider the surrounding. The fact that Yusuke did not trust Violet and the soldier was true, there was also the reason he decided to fight by himself.

"That said, I have an uneasy conscience to punish you what should I do."(Violet)

Violet peek and glance over to look at the face of Yusuke's reaction as he leer over his shoulder with a sidelong glance. Standing beside Yusuke, Sun was feeling nervous as she look up at Yusuke and than directed her line of sight to Violet. Violet exhale as she thought 'I shouldn't threaten him too much it is not adult like', thus she issued a condition of an unquestioned favor.

"That's right, Do something that could entertain me."(Violet)

Violet was to write off everything, at the same time to guarantee an identity of this city. Because according to Zeshald all of the gods divine arts mixed and dwells within Yusuke, to be recognized as the one who is qualified not to mentioned by a flame arts user.
As one of those that existed who have more than 2 divine arts, the higher deity have priority in his/her social status.

From the beginning Violet had always wanted to ask what was Yusuke's Sin, but she became attracted to the unusual divine arts that Yusuke have which could create a hole in the stone pavement and make a wall out of nothing. <To be able to make endless array of large walls, by creating a maze right in the middle of the city and causing inconvenience to others seem such a interesting idea --> ~Violet silently thinking

"Ehh, If you are talking like that..... I, don't have experience in such area, ..... also to do it without love is."(Yusuke)

Suddenly, Yusuke begin to squirm restlessly, "What's that" Violet was out of it.

"Oh, You idiot! Not in that sense!"(Violet)
"Well, it's just a joke"(Yusuke)

With slightly blushed cheeks Violet protest," I am not that kind of 'Loose' women", while Yusuke acted as if nothing happened.

"This, THIS GUY.... I will burn you to cinders right now"(Violet)

While Violet clenched her shaking fist, Yusuke was looking over the gate square. The troublemaker was already taken away, and some of the soldiers are already out patrolling the city. The number of onlookers have reduced too, as it soon get deserted the area seems stretch out and spacious.

"Soldiers and onlookers could you step back a little more"(Yusuke)
"Nh? What are you thinking of doing"(Violet)

Yusuke begin to dance his fingers in the empty space, the presences of a divine art was in play, Violet was getting excited as she wonders what she was going to see, while the flame corps was guiding the soldiers and onlooker to step back.

Krielov had been silently watching the course of events up to this point, during the early morning when Violet was tragically hurt and in bad temper seems like a lie as he watch the Violet becoming lively again, as her spirits seems to refreshed, he closed his eyes to thank Yusuke.

Mixed with various colors, he could be qualified as a flame arts user, although there is fault also on our part being magnanimous is also good as he(Krielov) judge. Krielov decided to get along with "Violet's fun". After awhile, he began to regret his decision of not putting a stop to it.

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