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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Chapter 7 : The Princess of Fire (Part 3)

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At the small flowing river within the forest which is nearby the Village of Rufk, Yusuke was there fishing using a rod, fishing line and a fly which he made by customization. Although big fishes could be found further down the river, it will take a day for a round trip, because he wanted to be near the fields so he aimed for the smaller fishes.

Before long Bahana tried to teach the methods of hunting,  but Yusuke as a modern person has a severe lack of strength.

"Inventions are to make life comfortable, what a thing to say"(Bahana)

Yusuke thought that rather than hunting down a prey that was running about in the forest, wouldn't it be more efficient to trap the prey. Using a sturdy transparent fishing line and a artificial bait with a high encounter rate setting, his fish basket is steadily filling up.

"I wonder if this is more than enough"(Yusuke)

As 10 fishes were caught, Yusuke begin to retire and pack up his fishing gears, as he was leaving he suddenly felt a human presence and look back.

"Hmmm, he certainly is a amateur."(Reifold)
"Hey, you"(Yusuke)

Since when did that green hair man stood behind me. It was that guy who called upon Zeshald back at Sanc Adiet a few days ago. That guy who look like a spy from blue garden, claiming himself as "Reifold", as he urge me to better get back to the village quickly. ~Yusuke's pov

"It seems that a little trouble is brewing"(Reifold)
"What does that mean, you did something didn't you"(Yusuke)
"I didn't do nothing?"(Reifold)

Yusuke ask a question of precaution, Reifold replied with a gentle smile while opening his hand with a poof like gesture.
Somehow it doesn't make sense, Yusuke who is jealousy of his aloof attitude which seems different from Zeshald, was worried about village when he heard from him, thus rushing back in a hurry.

"Hey, You......nevermind!"(Yusuke)

I went back to collect my fishing gear as I look back one more time, Reifold was no longer there.


Reserving half of the soldiers for the village, the rest of the guard soldiers and carriage were scampering around to have eyes on the afternoon highway towards Sanc Adiet. Violet and Krielov were sitting inside the carriage, suspected of betrayer they placed the artless young girl into custody, as usual she was trembling in fear.

"You, who is constantly trembling. Are you that afraid of divine arts users?

As they captured the artless girl who was serving so long in Zeshald's house, the women villagers stood up and begin to protest and appeal. According to this girl's past, as she was almost killed by a young divine arts user since than she had a strong phobia to divine arts users.

The Divine arts soldiers without listening to the protests and appeals, as the villagers tried to hinder them they just unleash their divine arts without mercy while seeing that Violet stop them. As she was told by Zeshald about the living style of the artless.

In the first place, Violet had always wanted to visit this village, the reason is because she knew that Zeshald was living in this village. Thus she doesn't want to thoughtlessly hurt the residents of the village.

While the villagers were protesting, Violet came out of her carriage to see how terribly frightened the girl was as she haven't alight the carriage since she boarded it, she also had the feeling of wanting to hear the things about Zeshald. As usual her attendant Krielov opposed to it.

"For a Royalty to be concern with a artless, let alone the suspect of the alleged betrayer!"(Krielov)
"You are here too so it shouldn't be a problem"(Violet)

Without worry by using the "smile of trust", he fell for the trap. As those who swore allegiance to King Esvobus, among them there are those who put their trust in the princess Violet, this degree rebound seem to be out of her usual cruel self.

"You, have you been living with Zeshald? Did you see any suspicious guy that stays around here?"(Violet)
"When I was small, Zeshald always come to the palace to play with me"(Violet)

Eh? As Sun looks up she saw an expression of her(Violet) face, Violet was breaming with an unyielding atmosphere full of confidence while looking at her(Sun) with her red eyes.

"Let me listen to the stories you know about Zeshald"(Violet)

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