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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Chapter 7 : The Princess of Fire (part 2)

"Hey, Let go of me Krielov"(Violet)
"No my Princess, to leave the domains of the city is dangerous."(Krielov)

After hearing about the artless Village where Zeshald use to live, Violet was trying to get to the Village of Rufk, she was caught by Krielov as she was passing the gates of the commoner district. Krielov who was trying to bring her back to the palace, had to battle Violet as she was trying to sneak out of the city.

Krielov considered the chance that the news of him making use of the palace elite soldiers might leak, so he brought the patrol guards/soldiers as a form as escort to chase after her, but Princess Violet who was unhappy with the unanimous decision of the palace bureaucracy was determined to find the cause of why Zeshald defected, from here on where was she trying to go for an inspection.

"I am just going to take a quick look over at the artless Village! There won't be any danger."(Violet)
"The King have decreed not to be concerned with this matter, there is also no reason to visit the village where he once reside."(Krielov)

Krielov who was trying to convince her, avoid speaking of the person she care about in front of the populace who have ears and mouth, Violet who is currently in a reckless state of mind doesn't care a thing such as royal dignity, unconcerned she begin to speak of her goals to the person right in front of her.

"What happened to Zeshald, who knows there might be a clue!"(Violet)
"..... Even so that is not a reason"(Krielov)

Immediately after consideration Krielov felt a vexation on how to resolve this and stop the flame princess, thus he was trying to prompt her to be rational and prudence. In the middle of this little commotion, one of the soldiers step up to voice out without reservation.

"Erm, Mr. Krielov ..... it's about the princess going to the village, what if we were to call and bring in the person......"

Krielov turned around, the voice seem to come from the back of the soldier, standing there was a shabby looking commoner who was looking down and waiting for the current state to end, as he (krielov) understood that he gave a courtesy smile. Kreilov begin to frown, as he felt from somewhere that person once had a dangerous atmosphere.

"What? Try using my name"(Violet)
"Eh,   as a matter of fact, that village have people who are communicating with Blue garden."(Krielov)

Violet and Krielov mutually refrained from fighting each other.


Sun was watering the small field in the vicinity of Zeshald's house. Yusuke was heading out to the nearby river to fish.

"an~ an~~"(Sun's humming)

While humming a song hoping that it would bud early, Sun was waving the easy to use water sprinkler device Yusuke had made left and right. Sun was pleased with showering that this little rain tool make. During today's breakfast, Bahana came to meddle with the cooking, while speaking with Yusuke about the world as a topic.

It's been 7 days since Yusuke had lived in Zeshald's house, slowly little by little Sun begin to open up her actual feelings, at this steady rate who knows she might be able to overcome her past trauma with positive feelings.

After placing the sprinkler into the tool box, Sun went to the village well to draw the water needed for lunch, she leaned her head out to see what was causing the cloud of dust coming from the highway direction which leads to Sanc Adiet. The cloud of dust seem to be gradually coming closer.

"?.... What is going on"(Sun)


From Sanc Adiet 4 carriages of soldiers were being sent out, clouds of dust were form as they were hurtling across the highway.

"It is finally in view! So that's Rufk?"(Violet)
"Princess, it is dangerous to move about while the carriage is moving please sit down."(Krielov)

The soldiers corps due to having attack, defense, healing and movement, they prided themselves as a well-balanced organization, using the movement specialty group which consist of water skill and wind skill people they aided the speed of the carriage, thus rivaling the speed of a single horseman on a fast horse.

Violet who leaned out from her sit was being remonstrate by Krielov, as he looked around the surroundings of the convoy to make sure that there was no abnormal trailing. Originally there is no need to bring Violet to the scene, but if they were to bring her back to the palace she would sneak out again.

In that case, it would be better to bring her along so that I can keep an eye on her which will also allow me to easily protect her. Rather than being straight laced Krielov tried the flexible approach. As a result the normal guard soldiers were all nervous.

"Listen please, my princess. You must absolutely not leave my side, and no selfish action please?"(Krielov)
"I understand, you worried too much"(Violet)

Violet who brought along the flame god corps, was optimistic that if in the worst case a Blue Garden spy were to appear there won't be a problem. While regretting slightly whether that it was a good decision to come, Krielov was thinking about the man who gave the suggestion earlier.

--In the Village of Rufk there is a betrayer from Blue Garden.

Just a few years back the earth skills people boss unexpectedly arrived to the forest nearby of this village, he saw that the artless village were trading with the blue Garden emissary.

In order to sealed the lips of the spies that came over for the future wars, the boss was being killed in some way or another while the other managed to escaped by himself, the one assisting the spy was the former god skill instructor Zeshald, but it seems like there is some mistake, and up until today he dare not tell me.

"That's true, it fits the timeline. But ....... for some reason that guys eyes doesn't seem to be normal."(Kreilov)

Using this trip's lengthy time, he(krielov) spend the time thinking about problem by himself, even though there was a somewhat weird atmosphere around him(person at the commoner square) but it doesn't seem strange at all, as Krielov judge that person was a whistle blower because of the uncomfortable feeling that he felt.

While being deep in thoughts, the convoy have entered the village of Rufk.

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