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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Chapter 7 : The Princess of Fire (Part 1)

The bottom section I have no Idea who is that person or spy. So I left it un name.

"Lies! Zeshald will never betray us!"(Violet)
"It is a fact. I can guess your feelings, but please calm down"(Krielov)

In one of the room on the upper floors of Volance Palace, the yelling of Violet and the calm reply from her attendant was being exchanged. She kicked over the chair and glared at her attendant to come over to her, as she had no outlet to vent her anger feeling irritated she recklessly attack him.

"Didn't you shun Zeshald! You must be smiling deep down somewhere inside your heart right?"(Violet)
"No, such a thing is"(Krielov)

As expected of a enrage full power god skill discharge, the fruits and flowers that were on the table were scattered across the floor, the curtains were all torn up, part of the wall was filled will fragments of tableware and traces of wine. The whole room was in a complete wreck.

"Dammed .....! WHY!"(Violet)
"Princess, please be careful with your words"(Krielov)


While Violet pointed towards the door at behind her, her aides did their usual bow before silently leaving the room. She believed that it was perhaps her fault as it might be due to the previous day incident, thus being in a complicated state of mind.

"But, although there is the commotion within the palace ... ... to be recruited by the other side, there is a chance that he might be force to comply."(Krielov)

From now on there was a special need to pay attention to all of the palace official's movements. Krielov tightened his feelings as he thought about it, he spearhead an investigation starting from his own fire corps soldiers.

Violet who went to find her attendant stood up while here supreme chair fell over again, as she clenched her shoulders that were trembling with both of her hands while grasping heavily for breath. After returning from the king's location 'Don't talk about Zeshald', and he didn't even issue any statement regarding Blue garden's declaration.

The previous day when we met up at the lower city by chance, his behavior doesn't seem like he is leaving the country anytime soon. It cant be the cause of my actions that trigger this right, she thought as her aching heart is tormented by regret and anxiety.


There was no way Zeshald would betray us, there must be some reason, as Violet thought about her worries while pushing back the feeling of her heart bleeding. And Suddenly, the black hair guy pop up into her mind. Wasn't there that rude guy whom was naive at society who was called Yusuke.

"Did he went together? Or possibly....."(Violet)

She raised her face up from laying down and gazed out of the window. There was the plains which seem to stretch forever, in a distance was a small forest that was barely visible. If I go to the artless village that Zeshald had reside in, I might be able to find some clues.

Having found her purpose Violet was bream with her usual powerful light filled of confidence.


Blue Garden's official announcement about Zeshald was a shocked to all the palace officials who knew him, even the city residents are getting aware about this 'a former imperial instructor defected to the enemy', though it doesn't seem much of an impact. A portion of the people who were the brains of the palace begin their debate with regards to the current situation.

The usual unchanged city, the usual main street a man with cheerful expression was walking along one of the alleyway.

"aahh.... with this I finally triumphantly walk on this street."

For the past several years, he came to live in the commoner district of Sanc Adiet in a concealed manner. During this period he had thought of defecting from Blue Garden, status determined by ability, the country decides the works and orders them to do it, rather than over there one can't expect the freedom of life.

Try putting yourself in such a cramped environment, a life without any social interaction, but compared to living a deprave life it feels that there is better.

Previously I had to follow and match Zeshald who would wander thoughtlessly around the main street, constantly fearing, whether I would be caught, but now the target of mentioned have turned his back on Fonclanc and headed for the neighboring country Blue Garden. Now I can stop living in fear.

"Now I feel like I can do anything. Haha   I feel like I can hit up some big mountain in one shot."

As he was approaching the commoner district's Plaza square, he could see a crowd of people exiting the gates connecting the upper districts.

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