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Friday, 22 May 2015

Chapter 11 : Pave the way

Translator : Baka367 , TLC : Lunate87 , Editor : champion9124

This is the first collabration chapter done by baka367. Hope you guys enjoy it.


A few days after the incident, the villagers warmly celebrated the safe return of the two youths. After this incident Sun has grown stronger (NOTE: [after the rain falls, the ground hardens] was the proverb used in the original sentence) and started being more open around Yuusuke. Reifold also has not appeared before him since that time at the riverside, so the young man was busy with his life in the peaceful village.

Having slept in late, Yuusuke entered the living room as soon as he washed his face in a water bowl, which was placed in his bedroom, to wake himself up. 

“Why was it there?”
“Oh, you are finally awake. You are such a sleepyhead, Yuusuke.”
 “Ah, good morning Mr. Yuusuke. Shall I serve you breakfast?”

For some reason Violet was sitting at the breakfast table. Krielov’s figure could also be seen near the front door.

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