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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chapter 10 : The ending of a 2D1N strife (Part 2)

Alright guys, I will be collaborating with WCC translation so as scheduled the next chapter will be done by him. I will post a link once he is done with it.

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The next morning, once Yusuke and his group have finished their breakfast, they headed down to the 1st floor, the entrance of the palace to board the god corps carriage. Sun was currently wearing a city clothes which I got for her as a souvenir.

"Oi! Wait a minute Yusuke"(Violet)
"My Princess running like that is obscene!"(Krielov)

The soldiers who were lazily preparing for the trip, immediately started scuffling around as soon as they saw Violet who ran down happily with a basket, while Krielov was following behind nagging at her.

"The thing that you have shown to me last night could you do it again!"

Sun came over as she was curious by Violet's subtle words, filled in the basket was the luxury lala fruits that were used for dessert.
The lala fruits were the size of an apple and there were around 8 of it. Yusuke customized 7 of the fruits to the same sweetness, while he made the last one taste like hot pepper and placed them back into the basket.

"One of them came out bad and is mixed among them."(Yusuke)
"What's that? mean"(Violet)

Yusuke grinned while speaking, Sun wince and her shoulders were trembling. As she had ate it once before. 1/3 of the piece was the limit she could take. Violet tilted her neck as she saw the appearance of the 2 youth, though she was looking forward towards the enjoyment during dessert time.

"I really like you guys. Come back to play again, Yusuke"(Violet)
"Maybe if there is some errands to run I will be back."(Yusuke)

Having the grace of the princess in her reply to him, Yusuke became a buzz amongst the 
soldiers, while Krielov shown a subtle facial expression, as he feels that it isn't favorable if this mysterious person Yusuke were to visit, also due to his questionable reply which seems to be unhappy about the form of welcoming.


Starting from the palace, the carriage begin to head towards the village of Rufk, Yusuke begins to speak to Sun about the village.

"I am wondering about how worried Aunt Bahana is"(Sun)
"Eh.......what about me, I did my utmost effort to protect you...."(Yusuke)

They planned to head over to Aunt Bahana's house once they arrived at the village, they begin chatting about the watering of the fields, and the fishes he left in her custody. Up until 2 days ago, the distance between the 2 were around 1 person length, but now it have shrunk to an arms length.

Moving as if it was flying the soldiers carriage which was escorting the two arrived at the village before noon.


At that moment, Violet was addicted to that 'the bad one' Yusuke said which was spicy, but it seems the only one who could make such as taste is Yusuke's Divine Art, ' I want to see Yusuke'  as she muttered, Krielov on the other hand was getting anxious as the burden onto him was increasing.

" I thought did Zeshald wanted to bring that man nearer to the princess? No, but....."(Krielov)

The attendant was having butterflies in his stomach while thinking about it, as there were many misunderstanding between Yusuke.

By the way the customized sweet lala fruit as a matter of fact taste like peach and having the texture of Japanese Persimmon.

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