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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chapter 8 : Yusuke's Decision (Part 3)

Finally I am done with this long chapter, took me forever. Hope you guys enjoy it. On the side note I will be heading overseas for these few days. Don't worry I have schedule a few parts for the next few days already.

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Yusuke was brought in to the city's district gates,  seeing the group of shiny armor when he last came here he knew that they were the flame corps, he had found them as they were gathering near the gate. Looking over he thought 'It's that runaway arson princess again' as he saw the red hair twin tail while searching amongst them, he also saw the white hair.


Yusuke suddenly break into a run the surrounding soldiers who saw it deployed their defensive posture, but because the earlier group of god corps and the flame god corps are gathering around the gate house of the district gate, the soldiers who were left behind could cut some slack.

The artless girl was crouching down and not moving, the soldiers thought that it was okay to continue to question repeatedly, anyway  it was rude to intrude on Princess Violet who is doing all the questioning.

While waiting for a suitable time for the group to scatter on whim of the princess, suddenly, the black hair man who is wearing a shackles jumped out of the circle of soldiers, he who was in lazy mode became full of tension.

"Oh, so you came Yusuke"(Violet)

Hearing the answer from Violet's nonchalant voice, Yusuke begin to worry about Sun who was crouching there trembling. Violet became sullen when she was being ignored, because it was an emergency as Sun who was fine suddenly became weird, thus she kept her flame punishment for later.

"Sun are you alright?"(Yusuke)
".....noooo........noooo..............noo...."(Sun) ~trembling voice

Looking face down, placing both her hands that were shackles on her face, she mutter and murmur while her whole body was trembling. Yusuke who doesn't know what to do with Sun who was in this state, when he immediately realized that his voice doesn't seem to reach her, he directed his wrath to Violet.

"Hey you, What did you do to Sun!"(Yusuke)
"Me, I didn't do anything at all!"(Violet)

Without considering her position, Violet was being directed as a target of choice of his burst of emotions, thus she punched Yusuke in a fit of pique, causing him to be pushed back due to the force of her strength.

"I just wanted to talk normally with her!"(Violet)
"To become like that just by talking "(Yusuke)

Yusuke suddenly stop in mid sentence as his body begin to shake violently. The shock from the impact ran through his body internal starting from his back and later from his knees, the shackles that were binding him from behind were untouched, without change he plunge forwards to the ground.

"What's this.... am I have nose bleed.....?"(Yusuke)

As his awareness and visibility was swaying Yusuke remembered the time that he was summoned to this world, although the current feeling is of a different quality. The rigid feeling of an iron core slowly and painfully entering the neck could be felt, as the speech of something important could be heard from above.

"Hey! I didn't treat you that violently."(Violet)
"Eh? wa, ha.... I am sorry"(Krielov)

As Yusuke fell senseless he recognized the soldier who strike him. The shock on the back came from strike to back of the head as a followup on the knee was probably due to a kick.


From the neck to the back and than the waist, the penetrating power of the shock broke his form. Yusuke who was waiting for his strength to get back, brought his face up and glanced at Sun's current state. Sun who was still covering her face and started looking a little upwards as she seem to notice Yusuke's presence, but she was still trembling and crouching.

"That was an introduction, Could you not give unnecessary worries...."

Yusuke lamented that himself for being useless, and his mental state was thinking whether it is possible to customize his own body, as the kind of settings to commit in a fight to being somewhat combat oriented wasn't available in Customize Create he begin cursing and complaining the strange ability called create that dwells in his body.

For example if I were to customize create a powerful armor, I might not survive this pinch as it will depend on the competence of the user. Yusuke live a gamer life, thus he doesn't know martial arts, in the first place, he had never experience real life fighting.

"Good Grief, Yusuke up until now you have bow down to me once."(Violet)
"Ahhh! This girl is! The child of that time"(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

As Violet issue an order to the water arts soldier, at the very same time the green hair man begins his persecution, by saying that Sun was the child who was on site during that incident.

One could imagine from that reason why the artless girl had the frightened look. The trauma was engraved during her childhood, whether she could remember the details of the event or not, I will just have to covered it up with a convenient scenario. ~pov (Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

The artless guy who was dealing with the blue garden spy had brought a small child along. It is definitely to keep prying eyes away from the vicinity. During that battle I saw a stray bullet hit her. As I thought it was a serious injury I didn't bother to help her. ~pov (Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

This sort of "during that battle", pretending to recall the past talking about the accusation of that man. Violet who originally like to hear adventure stories and experiences of people was concentrating on listening to that guy's story.


But, Violet who knows "Grandpa Zeshald" since young, felt discomfort by the words from his story defaming Zeshald. Along the way here, Sun who was spoke about "Doctor Zeshald" whom stayed together and came from the village, in her story there wasn't any sign of betrayer from betrayer.

"Ah, that   a small reaction ........ like i thought it was all to sudden...? It, It's, It's PROOF! It's a great display of evidence."(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

As saw Violet's doubtful reaction,'Was Sun really there at the scene", he begin to continued that she suffered an injury from a stray bullet. During that time the Blue Garden Spy fought bravely as he claim, Sun was still crouching down while she stared at him with a stunned look.

Humans are too unexpected, the extent of his imagination is outside of the expected act this time, thus easily felling into a standstill state. Having malicious intent to redirect his evil deeds, in this case to contemptuous her family, rather than anger and sorrow, surprise came first. Sun was surprised.

Up until now Sun have never leave far from the vicinity of the village, thus she is naive about the world outside, but for this kind of man to exist is a surprise to her.

"..... Don't Screw around with me"(Yusuke)

Yusuke who head the man told the story while Sun collapse next to him, this man who was one of the duo halve which in the past killed Sun's father, he(Yusuke) tremble at his helplessness and indignant. Angered and upset using his manner during game plays he forcefully concentrate all of his consciousness to open the customization menu.

"Without a doubt! Over here, there should be a wound left in this area!"(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)
"Oi, OI"(Violet)

Violet placed her hand on her jaws and growled at the act that man cook up, Sun who was stunned begin to be active by compromising she moved her shackles.

Finally Sun returned to us and she tried to escaped from the man's hand by twisting her body. Violet begin to be cautious as it caught her attention that the person was doing it for his own convenience sake, as the person might have a divine arts wind dagger equipped on his hand while he shred off Sun's clothes.

"Noo, Nooooooo!"(Sun)
"Without a doubt  It is still here! Here it's here, this scar!"(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

Sun was swinging desperately to get away but her resistance seems to be in vain, as the guy seizes hold of the shackles that were binding both her hands, he points to Sun's abdomen where the old scars began to slop. Violet who saw the deep scar which caused the skin to change it's color, begin to doubt the sanity of that guy.

"THIS FELLA....?"(Violet)
'Perhaps Mr.Zeshald was healing her! That's it!  If he was trying to heal this kind of wound he did not have the time to chase after --'(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

"Quit it, you asshole"(Yusuke)

Drunk in his theory, that man's face looks like an excited sow, as Yusuke's shackles knuckle punch few in. By customizing the divine arts user very durable shackles into a kaiser knuckle, he stood up and gave his full strength punch.

That man hold his face with both hand in writhe, but the soldiers were having a problem with Yusuke removing the shackles. Even for a proficient earth soil user to remove that shackles isn't a easy task.

"You, you bastard! How did you ---"(soldier)

The soldiers prepared their spear all at once, in the next moment, all of them disappeared.

"Wait, What?"(Violet)

Violet was wondering what the heck happened and went to location where the soldiers stood, she was mute in amazement. At that location was a gaping large hole that had opened.

If you have a map item and customize the ground on it, the customization ability will reflect and apply the status within the zone of effect.

For example if your want to customize a house or building, if have to collect the building materials, door, windows, the pre-made roof and other different kings of items, after that placing them in as a group and customizing them simultaneously is possible.

Incidentally, for a river with flowing water unless the customization is executed quickly else it would be canceled.

The city of Sanc Adiet, the wall separating the district are made by stacking stones, it's like a pyramid , a giant mass of existence awaiting to be transform. Using his Customization ability, the city had multiple items thus was being recognized as a singular group item.

As a single item, there is no limit to the size of the item produced by customization. No matter the ability depending on how you use it, it can be a weapon. Today for the first time, Yusuke determine to use his Customize create ability to fight. And now for the first time, the way to fight. But by using Pitfall.

"That person from the past, the killer of the duos who attack the innocent parent and child!"(Yusuke)

Yusuke begin to denounce that green hair man who is currently on the floor writhing in quietness. Yusuke who have heard the full detailed story from Zeshald, the face of the man who was holding his mouth immediately gone stiff. Violet also begin to turn her suspicious gaze on that man.

"Dammed ! You bastard, you are one of that fellow's partner!"(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

The half-crazed man was frantically screaming as he took the divine art's wind dagger on his hand and threw it towards Yusuke. Yusuke instantly raise his hands, the customized pavement rise up as he execute the command from the customization menu which was set earlier.

"GOTON"it made a kind of the heavy sound, as the wall of stone appears before Yusuke. The resistance against divine arts setting was set to max, the wind dagger shatter and scattered as it hit the wall.


To be able to control the earth so freely, although it is possible that with the mastery of the earth system divine arts you could combine rocks to form a golem, but to create a large hole that could swallow so many people by himself and instantly create a wall of stone, this kind of divine arts have never been seen or heard before.

The flame corps who escaped the pitfalls and the surrounding onlookers have lost interest in the words of the man who threw the wind dagger.

"Uraa! (some sort of yelling)"(Yusuke)

In an instant Yusuke broke the silence as he shouted out while kicking the walls and appearing from it. The wall was customized with simple diagonal cuttings from the ground up, it was crafted in a way that it would fall if hit from the other side.

Unlike the targets who fell into the pits, the target might not stay position for long, thus Yusuke decided to knock down the wall.

"Dammed it! So there's a weird divine arts user here!"(Stupid asshole who tried to kill Sun)

That man jumped out of the way to dodge the oncoming falling wall from behind, without changing direction he devise a plan to escape. As expected the falling of the wall is too time consuming to be an actual weapon, but in order to prevent that man from escaping Yusuke created one wall after another giving him no route to retreat to.

Using visual estimation, his intuition and the previous pitfalls to judge the coordinates, so as not to places the wall in strange locations and involve the onlookers with his customized attacks. But, as a amateur in fights there is fear of being caught off guard.

He was fighting in way that would minimize the collateral damage, remembering by skill, and to overcome this difficult fight, he have to backed it up with the confidence and experience he had. This area is the kind of relaxing environment in which Yusuke peaceful grew up in.


The spinning wind daggers that were blown over made a propeller-like sound, which cut Yusuke's cheek and shoulders. Before being completely locked in, that man successfully shot the wind daggers in an emergency to stop Yusuke's wall attack from appearing.
Since it is hard to visually track the wind daggers, if one were to multiple the numbers of it, it could cause a reasonable amount of threat.

Yusuke took on a defense stance and created walls to surround himself. Although the wind daggers are being repelled and scattering in all directions, it seems that as a amateur Yusuke trapped himself in a blind spot.

It seems that the defensive walls could not block against attacks that were coming from the sky. Yusuke who noticed the wind sound were coming from above he instantly evaded to avoid them, using the chance to graze the side and cause the wall to fall down by doing that he upset the balance.

While Yusuke was rolling out from his defense wall, the dull green hair man unleashed his finishing move of wind daggers, as he was raising his hands up, it flared up in flames.

"My name is Violet. No matter how I see it that fella story is weird, I am not stupid you know?" (Violet)

As Yusuke looks up towards Violet's location, he saw her directing her fingers in a gesture to arrest that man.

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