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Friday, 1 May 2015

Chapter 5 : Zerald Speculation (Part 2)

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As Yusuke and his group returned to the carriage, they begin making the bed and started on the preparation for tomorrow, as they took out items needed to be sold for the stall and place it aside while also taking out the lala fruits and dried meat for dinner. During the commotion that just happened, they had met Princess Violet who was the catalyst of it, and thus they begin to talk about the relationship between the King and Zerald.

"My past with Esvobus, we were companions on a journey together. Hmmm, a little more salt and the taste would be great right?"(Zerald)
"Err, I was acquainted with the king"(Zerald)

While performing customization on the seasoning of the dried meat that Zerald prefered, Yusuke was listening to the not so ordinary old man's story. It was more than 20 years ago, before Esvobus ascended his throne.

Esvobus who was going to become the future king, was trying to find methods to prosper the country other than dominant invasion by force, in order to become a virtue king he decided to travel as much as possible around the world to deepen his insight of advancement/development. During these trips there were friends and followers from various countries who traveled together, Zerald was one of them.

"It is good that he is a virtue King, although he is a man of little ambition"(Zerald)

He who is known to be the apex of the fire skill people a symbol of the military might, was a pacifist who wishes for a peaceful solution. He layout the foundations of a good government and was also highly supported by people as a virtue king, his fame wasn't bad, but the foreign countries use their military to make a pass and put political stress on the government and there was inner criticism of having a weak attitude.

"Particularly, there was intensive harassment from the neighboring country in the recent years"(Zerald)

Our neighboring country "Bull garden" whose lands comprises of a large mountain which altitude exceeds over 1000m is 2/3 of their territories, their ideology is that there is no hierarchy among the 4 gods, a true democratic emerging nation.

"Fortress city Paula" was build at the foot of the mountain as their second capital, it is there to glower at the borders of Fonclanc. By the way, the distance from Paula to Sanc Adiet is much closer than the village of Rufuku.

"Groups of civilian military personal from bull garden have been trespassing our national borders, laying waste and spreading fear in Fonclanc's territories."(Zerald)
"Eh, Isn't that a dangerous act of aggression?"(Yusuke)
"Well, usually that would have started a war"(Zerald)

King Esvobyus instructed the strengthening of the security near the border while sending a messenger of protest, but Bull garden only requested the abolition of Aristocracy, and completely ignored all protest.

Isn't that crazy, Bull garden sent in a large number of spies into Sanc Adiet, there are even collusion within the palace officials. Even with the strengthening of the border security, leaked information have made it less effective.

"Aren't they being sloppy"(Yusuke)
"Well, even if our side were to persist on being a pacifist our opponent will hit us with a planned insertion strategy that bases off their conclusion of what was heard and seen, that's what I'll do."(Zerald)

"Is this country alright?"asked Yusuke, "For the time being it is" replied Zerald heavy heartedly.

"I had consulted Esvobus and will get into Bull garden's plan."(Zerald)
"Isn't that....."(Yusuke)
"That's to say, spying. However, I have to be invited as on of Bull Garden Betrayer."(Zerald)

Because of that, Zerald had to turn his relationship with the king sour.

"Whoa ..... Isnt this, a state secret?"(Yusuke)
"Yup, It's a super absolute secrecy secret."(Zerald)
"! Should you be telling me all this?"(Yusuke)

What type of lighthearted talk is this as tension rises within Yusuke, Zerald put on a serious look, as it seems that it was the intention behind this talk.

"I am curious about you who is summoned in the form of the evil god would accomplished, and what role you will play in time."(Zerald)

At that time, those who wrote about the stories and those who spread the stories, the stories of the evil god who brought about calamity, what kind of disaster were they hoping for, was it the decisions made by the authorities, was it the evaluation of the general people.

In the end "who wished for this calamity"

"Maybe than, I might be the first one who will tread on the road of destruction, but .... ...."(Zerald)

I do not know the intention of the existence which summoned Yusuke to this world and gave him a unique power, in the ancient past during major turning point of history there had been appearance of the evil god, a transcendent being which could carry out the world's judgement.

Evidently the basis of judgement will be cast from the information gathered, though many pleasant things would be better for thinking.

"Please lord, go explore and see the many things our world have to offer. "

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