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Friday, 8 May 2015

Chapter 8 : Yusuke's Decision (Part 1)

Yusuke came flying back to the village, Bahana who was wandering around the entrance saw him and called out to him.

"Ah Yusuke! There's big trouble, Sun is!"(Bahana)

Bahana who rushed over to appeal to Yusuke that,"Sun have been taken away by the god corps"
As the street of the village were still parked with the soldiers' carriage, after seeing the appearance of Yusuke a commotion begin with them. Yusuke entrusted his fishing gear to Bahana, as he walked towards the carriage of the god corps.

"That Black hair, so you're the one they called Yusuke"(soldier 2)

"As you can see"(Soldier 3)

Yusuke begin to feel the tension rising as he is not accustomed to be directed at by weapons, he feign to calmness and headed towards the soldiers. After the soldiers exchanged a few words between themselves, they came to the conclusion of detaining Yusuke on the suspicion of being the betrayer.

Unlike the care of the artless, this is a divine arts user, as it is unknown what kind of divine arts the opponent could use, they have to deal with this carefully.

"I heard that Sun was being taken, could you guys quickly bring me to the city?"(Yusuke)

The soldiers felt edgy and wary and distanced themselves from him, as Yusuke said while he hurried towards the highway. The soldiers begin to glanced at each other.

The soldier who no longer felt worried brought yusuke's shoulders down and restraint him, as he looked towards Bahana who had an anxious expression among the villagers who were staring afar, "I am going to pick up Sun" and boarded the carriage of the soldiers.


"Fue, than all Zeshald did day in day out was researching on the documents and books regarding the god of calamity."(Violet)
"Yes.... . Aside from that, about any suspicious person...... people who I recognize, to come here and search....... there wasn't any."(Sun)
"Yusuke is?"(Violet)
"Huh? About Yusuke..... I don't really know"(Sun)

As it was a person who Zeshald recently brought to the village, thus I do not know much about him, Sun who just told a lie. Because Zeshald said to hide the fact that Yusuke had appeared from shrine.

Guilty for having to said a lie, Sun diverted her eyes and begin to show a frightened expression so as not to be seen through.

"I am sorry to disturb. We have contact from the troops that were stationed in village, they have restrained the black hair man."(Wind Soldier)
"Oh, is that so"(Violet)

Violet who just received a report from the soldier whom received a transmission news through wind arts. According to the report the person found is most likely Yusuke, thus Sun had an uneasy expression and furthermore begin to frown, Violet on the other hand was laughing over Sun's expressions.

"I just wanted to listen the side of his story just like you. Anyway I don't think that guy knows anything about the betrayer."(Violet)

Unlike Violet who wants to hear the stories of Zeshald, Krielov was constantly observing Sun.

Sun whose hands are currently cuffed with a wooden shackles made for the artless, now seem to be frightened which doesn't seem to be an act as she is just a normal girl. While somewhere inside Krielov was assuming,'if this is all just an act."

"The princess just wants to hear what he has to say, more or less torturing will be avoided."(Krielov)

This is a delicate time within the palace interior due to the official announcement from blue garden, suspicion of betrayer were dealt severely with force.

For now, to let Violet feel at ease I will let her talk with the person, I'll set up the hearing location for the black hair man once he arrive here, as Krielov thought to himself the carriage of the god corps have arrive at Sanc Adiet.

"Wow....., This is such a big city"(Sun)
"What? You, it's your first time coming to this city?"(Violet)
"Actually, yes....."(Sun)

Sun who have a trauma against divine arts user other than Zeshald had never once come to Sanc Adiet until now.

Following behind Violet who jumped off the carriage, was Sun as she slowly descend. She was still feeling a little shaky from the ride, but due to Violet's open-heartness and as a fellow acquaintance of Zeshald there was a sense of intimacy, it ease her fear towards the divine arts users.

As Sun landed on the road in town she turned around and look towards the highway, approaching from a distance was a cloud of dust formed by a horse drawn carriage. As she thought that Yusuke was riding it, Sun felt a little bit relief.

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