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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Chapter 5 : Zerald's speculation (Part 1)

This chapter 5 part 1 took longer than I thought. Cause there wasn't any pauses due to the whole encounter with violet. Chapter 5 will only have 2 parts.

"Is this the evil god of calamity?"(Young Violet)
"Yup, the one who neither is human nor a beast, the incantation of evil"(Zerald)

Young little Violet was rolling on the carpet in middle of a spacious room, she pointed at a picture of a black evil god which the large picture book depicted, and Zerald answered her while smiling.

"Can my lord father win against it?"(Young Violet)
"Only a good person with pure heart and mind could win the evil god of calamity"(Zerald)

"Than, I will become a good person and help my lord father"(Young Violet)
"Hohoho, princess is a very good child."(Zerald)


"So something like that happened."(Zerald)
"I didn't know that you had such a relationship."(Yusuke)

"The princess of those days was an obedient and pleasant child"said Zerald as he yearned for the olden day, "Now, it looks like she is not even a shadow of her past" as Yusuke retort against the original person who is now pouting. Not even being compose, she is simply defiant.

Just before the sunset the merchants at the commoner's district began to tidy up their street stalls on the main street, songs that were being sang mark the beginning of the night business, customers who were looking for particular items begin to intermingled, the disorderliness during this time set a unique atmosphere for this place, today however, along one corner of the street is an imposing presence.

The sudden declaration of capturing by the fire corps, who currently abandon their duty of escort cause curious onlookers to gather transforming it to a mass attraction. By the way, the one who sings songs are harlots.

Yusuke and Zerald was surrounded by the fire corps soldiers with spears pointing at them, although it seems that the soldiers faces were filled with confusion.

Just a few year back, as part of celebration of the new year of festival known as "creation festival", King Esvobus issued an edict to all of his soldiers "Do not get involved with Zerald", in other words it could be seen as "Do not touch him".

Since then, Zerald had not once visited to the palace, he even left the city to live in a certain skilless village. What had happened between the King and Zerald was unknown, although it seems like there is a lingering atmosphere that the King have a weakness against Zerald.

"What the hell are you guys waiting for  Arrest them Now!"(Krielov)
"but, But ... ... Are we supposed to disobey the King's orders?"(Soldier 1)
"Moreover, there isn't a legitimate reason to arrest them on the spot."(Soldier 2)

The soldiers were conflicted by Krielov orders of restraining, as the soldiers were uneasy about violating the imperial edict, and there is also the question of being no clear reason for restraining them. As they are different from the common soldiers, the palace soldier corps are able to give their suggestion or opinion to a certain extend.

"Do not mind about it, I will give an explanation to my father"(Violet)

Violet declared as it seems interesting, due to the unexpected meet up with Zerald, Violet was in a good mood as she had suddenly found a way to kill time. Thus approving the arrest of these 2 people allowing him to bring them back to the palace. Putting Zerald aside, there is also another interesting black hair man with a unique presence.

"As the princess have said, the evil god of calamity have been called upon to this street by this dubious person ... ... as I had thought he is targeting the king's life - "(Krielov)
"Hoho, You conveniently use the words of the princess in your favor."(Zerald)
"chi...... What did you Say!"(Krielov)

Zerald's meticulous plans caught Krielov in the tongue as he put a stop to his remarks, and launches a new set of traps. There is also the factor of Yusuke whose presence and powers are unknown.

"Hmmm ...... You're the type that whose excessive loyalty will cause the death of your lord."(Zerald)
"King Esvobus had already decree not to be involved with me right ... ... wouldn't it be better to abide by the royal decree?"(Zerald)
"What do you mean by that!"(Krielov)

Changing his aloof attitude, Krielov directed a sharp gaze at Zerald whom gave a word of warning, the flame corps soldiers who were surrounding them put themselves on guard. Violet who find it amusing, was shocked and froze when Zerald changed his aura.

"Teacher teacher, why are you adding fuel to the fire."(Yusuke)
"There's no problem, leave this to me."(Zerald)

After Yusuke whispered to Zerald in secrecy, Zerald who had a killing aura returned to his aloof mood, irritated by what just happened Krielov begin to spread his 2 hands as a gesture.

"Didn't Esvobus wanted to distance himself from me, although the reason is unknown? And yet here you are trying to escort me back into the palace."(Zerald)
"This is not an invitation! In the first place, there isn't any reason for you sinners to meet the king."(Krielov)
"... ... how many disciples do you think I have in the palace?"(Zerald)

Zerald had once coached many people within the palace about god skills. The healing-based elite corps of the palace compose mainly of water god skills people are known as the "Water God Corps", nearly all the elites of this corps revered Zerald as their master. If the fire corps were to restrain Zerald back to the palace, there will definitely be protests and petition from them.

Normally people will distance themselves in accordance to the King's wishes of not getting involve, "Loyal Subject" are you going to break that title? When questioned, Krielov whose loyalty, jealous heart and assuming actions caused him to be at a loss with words.

"Than, Than ... ... how do you explain that person with black hair!"(Krielov)
"What about Yusuke?"(Zerald)

Yusuke shrug at the topic. "So his name is Yusuke", as Violet whispered in confirmation.

"Don't try and play the fool, as the one who is trying to find the evil god of calamity, why have you summoned him to this city."(Krielov)
"Goodness Gracious? I have been saying that 'the identity of the evil god of calamity is a plague', do you really believe in the existence of the evil god?"(Zerald)

After replying him, the fire corps soldiers look at each other bewildered by the so called 'fairy-tale'. From the start it was Violet who saw Yusuke's black hair and shouted "Evil god of calamity", which became the catalyst of this drama.

Krielov who was shocked by the moment, did not really believe that a real 'evil god' actually existed. The "Evil god of calamity" was the princess way to kick up a fuss, as an excuse in order to capture Zerald.

As the crowd was silent and lost in confusion, Zerald felt it was a suitable time to finish up.

"Did you know? If you blend all the colors together you will get black"(Zerald)

Among the god skill people who possess the god skills, in normal cases only one type of power is being blessed from the 4 gods, however there are rare cases where some are born with more than one god skills.

"From my point of view his black hair represents the combine powers of the 4 major gods whose skills dwells within him."(Zerald)

"You have reminded him of the ordeal, that even the parents of this child, believed him to be the evil god." Zerald begin to explained Yusuke's life story, that he came from a faraway foreign country and was abandon at the shrine of the skilless, he was protected by the skilless in the nearby village, and was brought up in secrecy until recently.

A truly smooth tall story Zerald had told, the surrounding crowd begin to understand when they said "so that's what happen" as everyone around had a sad look in their faces, it's time for the last phase. He stood upright and lightly cleared his throat, and began to speak in a dignified tone about the study related to legend of the evil god.

"First let's talk about why the statues of the evil god located everywhere within the shrines of the skilless is black in color, if you mixed every single color, that means the unification of powers of the 4 great gods in harmony that would never happened which points to chaos, the chaos is the summoning of calamity which can be use to define black which in turn can also be seen as a symbol of chaos, since ancient time there had been studies of the lives those without affinity and that raise the question of why the skilless do not possess god skills, this is the results of my findings after years of dyeing and mixing dust and mold--"(Zerald)

"Wait, wait a minute Zerald, I know that, what just happen was my fault."(Violet)

 Zerald entered his editorial mode which Violet was extremely weak against. In order to stop him from lecturing her with a flood of words which is likely to become a headache, she panickily apologize to her mistakes. Standing at the side watching as it unfolds Yusuke thought 'unexpectedly she also have her cute side'.

While we were making a commotion, news begin to spread in the palace, by the time the king's notification came the case was adjourned. "Heed my words, Do not lift a finger" was what the notification said.

"What, it was getting good from here on"(Zerald)

As Zerald blurted out, although his innermost thoughts were "that went well" as he stroke his chest.

"Don't worry about father, next time come and visit the palace."(Violet)

"I will be waiting for you." as Violet wave goodbye while heading back towards the noble district, following closely behind was her attendant Krielov from the palace escort corps.

The surrounding crowd begin to disperse, since the sunsetted while they were busily tidying up their stall, there was a yellow hair strong man who was interested in Zerald's editorial wanted to hear the sequel of it, "I will announce the thesis of it soon"as Zerald declared,"I'll be looking forward to it"as the guy left.

"Phew, that's was close. Shall we return to the horse carriage."(Zerald)
"Should I say great work...."(Yusuke)

Yusuke respected the irony of being able to turn that situation around, while Zerald answered with a smile.

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