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Monday, 20 April 2015

World customize creator (Web Novel) Chapter 3 : Life in Rufuku Village (Part 3)

For those who haven't read (part 1) (part 2)

~~ Sun's POV

'Teku Teku' the sound of the footsteps made by my father as he entered the room, while holding a colorful basket of flowers with lala fruits. Occasionally I will look up and ask him, my father would answer with a smile. "The usual shrine from the usual road." On that day, he was heading over with the usual honorable offerings. He abruptly stopped his movement for a moment.
'What happened' as I thought to myself, I look towards the road ahead and saw a young guy with green hair and another guy with yellow hair standing on the road.

Those are god technique people ~ as it came across my mind instantly, I saw my father being thrown off the roadside and he tumble off into the bushes. The first sight of what I saw was my father bleeding profusely while trying to get up from the bushes.

I cried out my father's name, and started rushing towards him running in anxiety, but the ground below my feet suddenly began to swell up and attack me. I have no idea what is happening around me, one moment I was struggling desperately with a chilling pain in my stomach, the next it became a burning pain.

The 2 god technique people were sneering. I felt my vitality fading from my body, a stream of blood was gushing out from my stomach, I came to a conclusion"Ah... ... I am dying."

From the opposite of the road, a blue hair guy came running towards me after seeing what happen. That person knows. That person is one of the god technique people. Although, that person is -


The glaring morning sunlight and the cheerful birds chirping, it seems like everything that just happened was a lingering nightmare which begin to disappear. After exhaling a sigh of relief, I begin to try and sit up. It's a old dream that I haven't seen in awhile. It's a long time since than, I thought that I would never dreamt of this nightmare of a past again.

".... .... I am sure it's that evil/calamity god's fault... ..."

After letting out another sigh, I got of the bed.

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