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Friday, 17 April 2015

World customize creator (Web Novel) Chapter 3 : Life in Rufuku Village (Part 2)

For those who haven't read (part 1)

Surrounding the border of the Village of Rufuke is a 1m deep by 1m wide hollow trench, infront of the entrance of the village was a wooden bridge made to span across the trench. This trench was dug to protect granary from harmful beasts.

As there are not many dangerous animals and magical beast in the area, trenches were dug instead of fencing around the village. Incidentally logs of firewood trees which are use for bonfire and torches could be found at the bottom of the trenches, this allows a creation of a wall of fire in case of an emergency.

The villagers of Rufuku survived by fishing in the nearby river, harvesting fruits, berries and nuts from the forest, occasionally they will head over the neighbouring village to trade for their agriculture products, there is a large marketplace within the capital of this country which you can sell the pelts of your livestocks in exchange for currency.

The villagers who saw me, were startled by my appearance of a young unfamiliar man with black hair, they were relieve the moment they know that I was Zerald's guest. I begin to recognized the fact that Zerald is being respected alot in this village.

"Teacher Zerald! The evil/calamity god person ... ... " (Sun)
"This is Tagami Yusuke" (Zerald)

As we arrived at the house, Sun who wanted to rushed out was hiding behind the door. Sun as an assistant at Zerald's house, has been preparing the rooms for guests, while being vigilance against me.

"Hoho, she seems pretty scared. Did I do something wrong?"(Yusuke)
"You did nothing"(Zerald)

For now, Zerald ask Sun to prepare a bucket of water. As I have been walking bare footed from the shrine, more or less the abrasion and scratches began to show on my feet. First I had to wash the dirt off my feet followed by the healing of the wounds to prevent infections.

"I have a spare pair of shoes for you. But it might not be the correct size."(Zerald)
"Thank you. I think the size is just about right."(Yusuke)

After being persuaded to sit down on the chair, I peep at the soles of my feet. There were mud and pebbles stuck along side with scratches, blisters were starting formed and parts of congealed blood in here and there."~Uwa" while i was deep in thought, Sun brought in the water basin.

"Ah... Thank you"(Yusuke)
"... ..."(Sun)

Sun who tied up her white hair which extend to her shoulders, looks stronger than she seems despite her slim appearance, as she was carry a large wooden basin of water, and placed it in front of my feet. Without any restraint, she begin to gracefully wash my feet.

Surprised by her sudden actions, I instinctively withdraw my feet, it feels as though a scene from the tv. Although it may be rude to suddenly retract my feet. As it might be the common practice in this place.
I put up with the ticklish feeling, while being a little embarrassed. During this brief period of silence, only the sound of the splashing water could be heard.

"Teacher, I have finished the task"(Sun)

After Sun finished washing my feet and reported to Zerald, she took the basin of dirty water out of the house. Zerald went to the back of the house and brought back a luggage, from the luggage he took out a spare boots.

"hmmm, Let's see"(Zerald)

He placed the lightly dusty light brown boots beside my foot to ascertain the size. Next, he started to use a small amount of concentration above the wounds on my feet, the scratches begin to heal and the blisters disappeared.

"So how is it?"(Zerald)
"This is amazing, it is already all healed up."(Yusuke)

The tingling and pain sensation have also disappeared completely, when I took a look at the soles of my feet it looks all smooth and clean of scars. I was all in admiration of this magical healing power of the god technique.

"Hmm, so this is the effect of the god technique abilities."(Yusuke)
"So, it seems. There is a possibility that it might not work."(Zerald)

Being quite clever, my reaction was being acknowledged by Zerald with a simple nod. Somewhere in my mind, I was relief that nothing went wrong when I heard that there might be a chance that the god technique might not work. As I was seen as a evil/calamity god there lies a danger that the god technique could have reversed it's effect instead.

"Well, I do look like a dangerous man."(Yusuke)

Within Zerald's expectation,  I begin to customized the boots after hearing the item received chime.

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