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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Chapter 4 : Sanc Adiet (Part 2)

"I heard that teacher is heading to town, will he be bringing him together?"(Auntie Bahana)
"Yes, Yusuke is going along. The house will be empty for 3 days."(Sun)

Sun while chatting with Aunt Bahana was carrying a basket full of lala fruits at her house, as she wanted to trade for some dried meat.

The lala fruits which Sun have brought over had tasted specially customized by Yusuke, the fruit normally have a limpness and over ripen feeling that comes with its sweet taste, while the one Yusuke customize retains it's stage of freshness and crunchy consistency, thus being very popular with the villagers. In fact, it's one of Sun's Favorite food.

"Oh really. Come to my house during meal time."(Auntie Bahana)
"Umm, Thank you."(Sun)

The truth is Bahana have already thought of Sun as her real and cute daughter. While listening attentively to the usually quiet and shy Sun talking about the opposite sex, Bahana was sighing deep inside her heart knowing that it will still take some time for her to adapt.


"Hmm, this is pleasant."

The wagon which was customized by Yusuke became quite a pleasant ride while traveling on the highway. They are currently on a highway which is link straight from the village of Rufuku to the city of Sanc Adiet, the distance needed to travel by a horse drawn carriage is about 1 day.

If one were to travel at the break of dawn they would be able to arrived in the evening. On the horizon ahead of the highway, dyed in hazy beige color was the city as it appears in sight.

"At first, I thought it was a mountain."(Yusuke)
"Hohoho, well it's close enough."(Zerald)

Zerald who was holding the reins of the carriage, begin to explain the city of Sanc Adiet to Yusuke who is currently sitting in the back. Due to an increase in population, the city expanded too rapidly and due to the king wanting to oversee the expansion, from the palace to the noble districts all have been elevated to show reverence, thus the current shape of this city.

"The old city is being buried under the current city."(Zerald)
"ehhh ~"(Yusuke)

Zerald nodded happily in knowing that I was interested in the history of the city.
They had arrived to the city earlier than expected, as a result Zerald used his water skills to wash away the fatigue from the horse, and combined with the special carriage which was modified by Yusuke, they were able to travel without breaks.

"Hmmm. The street stalls in the market might still be opened now, want to take a look?"(Zerald)

After parking the wagon at an empty slot, he went to the nearby skilless hangout to hire a lookout. These people earn their keep by watching over the horses and carriages for merchants who came to stop by the town. This is one of the benefits that these skilless get by living in the outskirts of the city.

"Ehh! Sir this is ... ..."(Skilless Bellboy)
"Hiaz Unfortunately, this is all I have on hand now."(Zerald)

Zerald shrugs and hand over a yellow crystal to him, as the charges were far too high for him, the local skilless begin to panic.
Normally for a bellboy to look after a carriage or horse 1 green crystals is more than sufficient a reward, but currently Zerald's green crystals have all been turned into red crystals, thus the lowest currency he have in his bag is the yellow crystals. Seeing that he was getting 3 times the normal reward, the local skilless bellboy was fired up.

"Isn't that some great fighting spirit?"(Yusuke)
"Because to them it's quite a fortune"(Zerald)

I lift up my hood that was wearing over my eyes, while I questioned Zerald, he replied with an aloof  answer. The hood that I was currently wearing was prepared in order to hide my hair color. Although there is the option of dyeing my hair, but it seems that dyeing of the hair seems to be against the law.

Although they are able to identify the presence of god skill, as my features are different, there might not be people who would want to touch me without a second glance. From an outsiders perspective I looked like Zerald's servant.

As evening falls, the two of us begin to search around the main street stalls to check if there is any treasure worthy of purchasing. The street stall market is the commoner's district specialty, due to a huge main road they are able to sell all sort of assortments, thus being crowded with lots of people everyday.

To open a street stall on the main street is decided by the commoner district but the time limit is until sunset, while in the middle class area and above in order to do business, you have to purchase the rights of a store holding.

The noble districts are filled will luxury stores which are mainly filled up with custom made clothes and ornaments. The restaurants there will also deny entry to those who are not dress appropriately.

"Are we going to sell the stuffs we brought over, here?"(Yusuke)
"Yes. Although there is a store up there that I am acquaintance with, but it will be abit troublesome in explaining where I got these items."(Zerald)

Tomorrow we will secure one of the street stalls in the morning, we will put up a sale for the clothing, shoes and wool from the livestocks that we have brought over, and using the funds we will get some daily necessities before heading back home.

Up until recently, Sun broke had some of the cutlery dishes, so Zerald was looking at the pottery stall directly across the street, but he unexpectedly felt a strong wave of god skills presence.

"Did something happened?"(Yusuke)

As I glanced towards the direction in which Zerald was looking at, from the cracked amongst the crowd, I glimpsed upon a group of people wearing vibrant armor. Apparently from time to time, this group of people known as "God skills guard corps" will appear near the vicinity of the entrance of the city, as they are patrolling around to give the city a sense of security, and it seems like they are a prideful bunch of people.

"What are they?"(Yusuke)
"Are related to the Royal officials something like "honorable ninjas"."(Yusuke)
"Honorable ninjas?"(Zerald)

Like some lord in line of procession forcing a conspicuous march on these "Honorable ninjas", I realized I just pulled a Tsukkomi. Zerald nodded in acceptance when he understand why I called them"honorable ninja".

The god skills people are able to feel the presence of other god skills wielders. As a part of the one year plan of festivity the royalty order the citizen to reveal their power, most of the city dwellers have followed suit, thus it is easier to discern those who are from the royal family. Therefore, those who tried to hide their presence will be found immediately.

Although it is not known to many people that within the same palace structure, these "honorable ninjas" which Yusuke mentioned, are people who are brought up since young in the royalty to "you are to show respect and honor to this personage", thus trying to hide this person's status is virtually impossible.

The term "Honorable ninjas" of the royalty comes from the royal guards who are protecting a certain person who came to the commoner district, someone who is on a sightseeing excursion, thus the general public does not need to kneel in obedience.

"Well, those who live in the noble districts rarely comes down to the commoners streets ---- thus this might be bad."(Zerald)

As Zerald was explaining about the band of honorable ninjas, I felt a unpleasant feeling coming over and thus giving a wink to Zerald.

"Let's quickly get away from here."(Zerald)
"Eh, ehhh? Why all of a sudden"(Yusuke)

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