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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Chapter 2 of World Customize Creator

Hi Guys & Girls, sorry for the late update of this current chapter. As it was a hectic month for me during march so I could not translate it earlier. I went to Taiwan for a holiday which I had planned since last year and also the founding father of my country died. So here's chapter 2 - Black Hair

Like a ripple, the bouquet fell towards the girl's feet, and on top of it the lara fruits tumbled away. Her white eyes opened wide when she saw a figure of a hand reaching out towards her, she ran away screaming in fear with a stiff expression.

"Oh, Hey... ..." (Yusuke)

As I (Yusuke) was about to exit the shrine, I met the girl with pure white hair. She begin to ran away. While screaming in fear.
(I was trying to start a conversion only ... ...)Though lightly dented, I begin to pick up the fruits and bouquet which the girl dropped. Apparently it seems like these were similar to the "offerings" in the stone chamber. (... more)

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