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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Chapter 4 : Sanc Adiet (Part 3)

Alright Chapter 4 is completed my brain is fried. Btw this is part 3 of chapter 4, Click here to read the whole chapter.


"Princess, it's about time to return to the palace...."(Kreilov)
"Don't be a spoil sport, the streets are still lively ain't it not."(Violet)

Violet who was walking along the main street during the evening loop around to check out one of the main street stall, escorting her was a few 'honorable ninjas' as her entourage. It seems like there was something interesting that was attracting all the commoners to the stalls, its also because she felt a familiar god skill presence. Thus, coming to a halt and surveying the surrounding.

"That is.....!"(Violet)

The willful princess Violet suddenly came to a halt, as her entourage who were escorting her begin to be suspicious of her sudden halt, without any warning she dashed into the crowd of people. Stunned by her unexpected behavior, Kreilov snapped out of it and immediately chased after her.

"I found you Zerald!"(Violet)
"Oooo What!"(Yusuke)

Zerald who was hurriedly pressing Yusuke to get out of this location, was suddenly being surprised tackled by a girl on his waist. The redheaded twin tail young girl was wearing a tall red dress had a strong aura surrounding her,

"Princess... ... this person is getting old already."(Zerald)
"What are you saying, when you are always going to different faraway places and always have a habit of traveling all around the world."(Violet)

Krielov the attendant from the "Fire corp" who finally caught up with the princess, recognized Zerald and begin to pull a bitter face.

He was not happy the moment he saw Zerald. Krielov is serving the current king 'Fire wall King' who is also known as Esvobus Volance of the 18 generation, who had an old relationship with Zerald, although due to some unforeseen circumstances their relationship have turn sour.

"Do not get involved with Zerald" King Esvobus warned, and to exercise restraint if they any of them sees him around.
Charmed by the powerful skills that King Esvobus wield, Krielov who is a loyal subordinate of King Esvobus had a slight discontent about it. He said to the king, "My King is Zerald holding onto some shortcoming of yours?"

Somewhere within Krielov was hoping that Zerald would politely turndown Princess Violet invitation "Come to the palace". The flame corps who sympathize with their captain begin to form a circle around the princess as a form of escort.

"The Sun have already set? You have to return to palace soon, or do you want your father to be worried about you?"(Zerald)

Dissatisfied by being treated like a grand daughter, Violet placed her hands on her hips and puffed up her face, as she snuggle up to Zerald's chest her fingers slowly creep in to hug him.

"I am no longer a kid you know? I still have plenty of things I want to learn from you....."(Violet)

"Well dear me, what interesting secrets would a princess see from a senile old person."(Zerald)
"! My Princess, this sort of behavior is!"(Krielov)

Violet who childishly tried to use her body as a form of seduction evaded her attendant whom finally caught up to her as she puffed her cheeks up once again.

" I believe I am pretty alluring now. Just wait a few more years my buttocks and breasts will all mature, and I believe that you will not be able to stand up to my ravishing looks."(Violet)
"By the time that happens I will already be a feeble old man."(Zerald)

Violet groaned at Zerald who was laughter loudly. Krielov on the other hand was getting impatient. The flame corps were silently carrying out their duties. While standing on the outside of the protective zone Yusuke was watching the course of events progresses around "amazing honorable beautiful granny princess like scenario", as the entourage were all showing a trouble expression.

"Hey you, I am feeling a strange presence coming from you......"(Violet)

I was stunned like an idiot after being called out, my voice couldn't seem to come out. As I glanced towards my back, there was a pair of red eyes filled with unyielding aura closing onto me.

Violet who was standing next to Zerald looks as if she had found a prey, due to an interesting presence that she had never been felt before, as she faced towards me in the crowd. However, Zerald had stopped her before she could do anything.

"He is scared of humans, if princess were to stared at him so hard I fear he might break down."(Zerald)
"...... Fuee"(Violet)

Violet who doesn't find it amusing as Zerald protected this hooded man that possess a mysterious presence, she snorted at him before backing down. Next, she made a feign gesture while flicking her fingers that was pointed towards him.
In a split second, there was a 'Bof" sound and the hood Yusuke was wearing burst into flame.

"Ooo !"(Yusuke)
"Opps! This is bad"(Zerald)

Although the fire was immediately extinguished by Zerald's water skill, Violet's fire skill had made an uproar in the vicinity. Violet was convulsing with laughter as Krielov rushed in to restraint her.

"My Princess! Please restraint yourself, you not display your royalty powers to the commoners so recklessly!!"(Krielov)
"That's what you are talking about!"(Yusuke)

Yusuke whose head was nearly burned, retorted to her attendant as he wanted to remonstrance against this violent, willful, granny-like princess. As one of the commoner will normally not retort against a royal princess's attendant, Yusuke suddenly became Violet's target of interest again.

"Geez, what degree of absurdity is this princess displaying, there is a limit to restiveness."

Yusuke took off the burnt hood and begin cursing while folding the hood to keep it for customization later, without noticing that an erie silence had fell in the vicinity.

"Hey, You...."(Violet)
"What now?"(Yusuke)

"You, the god of calamity....? Have you come and destroy my country?"(Violet)

The voice that Yusuke had lost just now had returned. "O no", Zerald face palm as he looked up into the sky. The Silence which fell in the vicinity as soon as the Royalty pointed out the existence of "the evil god of calamity", it became an uproar.

No one knows what is the identity of the evil god, "The existence of a disaster 300 years ago" that allusive existence is now a reality.

"Hmm, immediately become the god of calamity as said......the great disaster."(Violet)
"Nope, it is not nice to joke on your words."(Yusuke)

Krielov whom immediately evacuated Violet to the rear, begin to give orders to his subordinates as the commander of the fire corps.

"We will catch our enemies for the glory of our master."(Krielov)

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