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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Chapter 4 : Sanc Adiet (Part 1)

"Fonclanc" is known as the largest plains in Karutsuio, although 1/5 of it is the metropolitan city known as " Sanc Adiet". The fire skill people especially those who are very talented and strong are able to become royalty, and they have ruled the country through this city, the capital for many generations.

The city is divided based on the livelihood of the god skill people, the upper tier buildings are reinforced with god skills thus boasting quite a considerable amount of strength. The imperial palace is an amazing 10 storeys high. The middle class and below have sightly reinforced buildings which includes a protective wall.

In the centre of the city there is a high protective wall surrounding the 'Noble district' where all the nobles live, as the area was build on a hill, the wall seems much larger. A wall stands between the 'nobel district' and the 'middle class district', followed by the 'commoners' at the outskirts.

The middle class district is build similarly to the noble district, the streets are build from higher ground to lower with a wall that partition the different classes of people, with the mind of the powerful overlooking the commoners. As the commoners district are also in a higher location than the plains, they have already started expanding the town by lining up new cobblestone roads.

Basically the buildings should be gradually rising towards the centre of the city, but due to some confusion in the development policy for a period of time the skyline of the city is distorted. In the outskirts of the city, there are reinforced buildings for the skilless, these are some benefits for being a commoner here.

The "Volance Palace" stood above all in the noble district. As the city and palace kept expanding and developing, the original structure of the palace is no longer there, part of it are buried under the stone pavement, forming a underground labyrinth.

The royalties lived near the peak, the walls and roofs in their residences are embedded in decoration with the same materials as the crystals, allowing the room to bathe in the sunlight's radiance.

In one of the room on the upper floors of the palace, there is a young girl dress in a luxury red dress, she threw the book onto the table as she was sitting on a artisan chair shaking her legs in boredom.

"Boring, I am bored" (Crimson Princess Violet)
"Princess, that is improper."(Kreilov)

Her interlocked hands placed behind her head, she who is sitting crossed legged and rocking on the chair was non other than the crimson young princess, the one who was standing next to her and always getting hit on the head is her exclusive guard cum educational clerk name Kreilov.

"Please stop, this is not lady-like."(Kreilov)
"Since I have nothing to do, and there isn't anyone looking anyway."(Crimson Princess Violet)

'Boring ~ Boring' while rocking on the chair is the princess of the flame skills : Violet Volance, standing next to her is Kreilov who was frowning, as he hold the back of the chair down to prevent her from falling.

"Booo-"(Crimson Princess Violet)
"No booing. Princess I wish you would be more self aware of the duties of being a royalty."(Kreilov)

As one of the person who is standing on the apex of the flame skill people, "O powerful and sublime noble, constantly splendor that must not cease to existence" or so, as Violet dig her nails in boredom, while ignoring Kriel's nagging.

"The bureaucrats around Dad are all pitch black on the inside, they look similar to the evil god statue."(Crimson Princess Violet)
"Evil god statue?"(Kreilov)
"The Black Statue that is enshrine in the shrine of the skilless."(Crimson Princess Violet)
"Princess, you are a noble descendant of the Flame god, you should not be speaking of the things regarding the low born."(Kreilov)

Violet's face became disgusted, and Kreilov was frowning while nagging.

"I want to see Grandpa Zerald."(Violet)

Violet who wanted to see Kreilov plain face frowning in front of her, purposely started a topic about Zerald. He had not been visiting this remarkable palace for the past few years, though he was a very good companion for Violet during her childhood.

"You should not be starting a topic about the weird person."(Kreilov)
"Why not? Zerald is a master of the water skills, did you not know that he even surpassed our palace elites of the water corps?"(Violet)

The "God skills guard corps" is a group responsible for the patrol and security of the city and palace, within it is a special elite corps which protects and works for the palaces official. The "Water corps" are composed of the elites that excels in water skill healing. By the way, Kreilov is the captain of the "Fire Corps" in charge with protecting the royalty.

"If Princess kindness towards him is being gossip around, people might mistaken it as he is princess's
favorite. A person like him likes to invite calamity." (Kreilov)

".... .... hmmm Zerald isn't such a weak person."(Violet)

Violet who begin to pout as she turned her face away.

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