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Thursday, 23 April 2015

World customize creator (Web Novel) Chapter 3 : Life in Rufuku Village (Part 5)

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While Sun went to the forest to harvest nuts and berries, Zerald who was currently in the house begin to talk about Sun past. The difference between the god skill people and the skilless could clearly be seen after the story, different types of feelings gushed out from me as I do not know what the common sense was here.

"What happened to those 2 people"(Yusuke)
"They had planned to silence me, so I killed one of them on the spot, while the other escape in the direction of the wind skill people."(Zerald)

Presently this is called the Village of Rufuku, in the past there was no ruler or caretaker who is a god skill person, no one know when did this village even started.

Since the village doesn't have a lord, these no god skill people are often treated like wild animals. Within the groups of young god skill people, there are those who like to test their power for enjoyment on the skilless, there are those who rule using fear and others who work diligently.

The god skill flegings who attacked Sun and her father, misunderstood that Zerald rushed over because they killed his possessions without permission.

As Zerald is one of the water god skill people, and the earth skill people have the same rank, between the earth god : Zaruna and the water god : Sharuna, Sharuna is of a higher divinity, thus being an authority higher than the earth skill people.

If one were to kill the possession of a higher authority, they will be judged in a arbitrary god's people court trial. As larceny is capital punishment, they might have their properties confiscated and even become slaves. Due to the fear of capital punishment they tried to silence Zerald from letting this out.

Zerald's water god skill does not only have the power to heal, if one is able to master the power of healing they would be able to destroy one's body depending on how you use it.

"The wind skill people have the talent for communication and movement, while I was strangling the earth skill person with his blood vessel, the wind skill person manage to slip pass and escape."(Zerald)

"That's a pretty gruesome story......"(Yusuke)

While listening to this terrible story, Yusuke begin to get angry. No matter what world you come from to have a comrade who understand these feelings .

"O mister in the world where you live, are there comrade who feels the same?"(Zerald)
"Well, there are weird people who lived there, but no one is treated as animals even in the present days it is unimaginable."(Yusuke)

Although it seem to have veer too far off topic, Yusuke begin to explain about his world, one where human rights are currently important where countries will go to the very extend to protect these rights of their own people, Zerald was filled with different variety of emotions, and said "That is a good place"

"This had became a long talk"(Zerald)

Once the table is cleared of items, Zerald will be heading to the town to sell them as he could wait no longer. While I was helping Zerald, a green object dropped out of the strong durable bag on the chair.

'What was that rod like object that fell off the chair? Let me pick it up and see' (Yusuke)

Kin Kon

Semi transparent gem like objects. It's size is about a length of a index finger and around 5mm in diameter. It's shape is similar to a hexagonal pencil with flat ends.

"?! Oh, that's a crystal. The bag on the chair is my purse."(Zerald)

[Crystals] a very hard rod shaped like money. This currency is created by the flame skill and earth skill people and are currently in circulation in Karutsio. It is said that this crystals is made up of condense light, and the manufacturing method is a secret.

This country's capital have the largest city in the whole of Karustsuio and is know as "Cinq à sept". The royal family of the flame skill reign this city and manages the mint of crystals.

Of course the currency is also split up to honor the 4 major gods, the value of the crystals are determined by the color, red is known as the voruna crystals, one of it equals to 5 blue sharuna crystals or 10 yellow Zaruna crystals or 30 green Fuyoruna crystals.

"This is confusing... ..."(Yusuke)
"Hohoho you better remember it for future use."(Zerald)

I held it above my head and tried to look through the semi transparent fuyoruna green crystal to see if the light could pierce through it, as I remembered the chime sound when I touched it 'should i try customizing?' and I opened the customize menu.

I borrowed one of the voruna crystal from his bag and compared it's parameter with the fuyoruna crystals, it seems like only one part is different while the other parameters are the same.

Even though they are the same type of crystals there are some delicate differences, this was probably due to some marginal error.

"..... let's try"

My hands begin to wrapped in a light, placed within them was a fu~yoruna crystal, after the effect ended, there was a red translucent voruna crystal.

"Wait a min, bro!"

'Gatan" As the chair fell when Zerald stood up, he hurried around and check the surroundings. Today within this room there was only me and Zerald, no one else is around. I whispered "This is wrong, right?", as I passed the customized crimson crystal to him.

The crystal that have transformed is real. The crystal which was minted by the Artisans of the fire skills and earth skills people, could not be counterfeit. But, this is not a fluke but genuine crystal.

"...... listen up, Yusuke"(Zerald)

Never talk to anyone about this. Don't show this to anyone. In this bag, there are 8 Fuyoruna crystals.

This afternoon, 8 Fu-yoruna crystals disappeared from Zerald's crystals bag, and somehow the number of Voruna crystals had increase by 8.

It was a strange phenomenon.

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