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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

World customize creator (Web Novel) Chapter 3 : Life in Rufuku Village (Part 4)

For those who haven't read (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

~Yusuke Pov

"Good morning, teacher. .... .... Yusuke San"(Sun)

"Ohh, good morning Sun"(Zerald)
"Good morning"(Yusuke)

As Sun was coming out from the hallway, I was sorting and arranging the items like clothings and shoes that were on the table with Zerald. "You could try running a tailor store" Zerald suggested, "Right it might not be a bad idea" ask I answered.

"Yosh, let's begin"(Yusuke)

While I was at it, it look as though my fingers were dancing in the air, the first item on the table was a pair of battered shoes which begin to envelop in light, as god technique people like to wear elaborate clothing and design, I turned it into a shiny new pair of shoes.
This is the technique which I who came from another world have acquired. It is known as "Customized Created".

All of a sudden, I felt a gaze and looked up and saw Sun as our eyes met. Sun hastily exited to the hallway. It's been a few days since I was summoned to this world, I have accustom to the life in this village and occasionally I will talk to the villagers. However, it seems like I am unable to talk to Sun.
I sighed at the thought of it. As Zerald begin to notice the awkwardness between the 2 of us, he made sure Sun have left the house before speaking to me about it.

"Please don't think bad about her, she have a very unfortunate past that she is burdened with."(Zerald)

Zerald closed his eyes and place his index finger in front of his mouth while saying"it's a secret", and he begin to talk about the past event which Sun had experienced.

~Sun's location

"Oh my, Sun. Is the teacher/doctor in today?" (Villager Auntie Bahana)
"Aunt Bahana ... . Yes, it seems teacher/doctor is busy researching on Yusuke's god technique."(Sun)

Sun who came to the forest to harvest fruits, nuts and berries, when she met the friendly neighbor who called out to her. It was one of the young lady whom was living nearby when Sun was living with her father. She knew Sun since Sun was a child, and often worried about the welfare of Sun.

She had lost her husband in her youth, it stated officially that it was due to a hunting accident, but deep down inside she knew the truth, it was due to the god technique people who kill for fun. She understand the pain in which sun is feeling after losing her father to the god technique people. Thus, Sun has a trauma towards young man of the god technique people.

"Are you not used to it yet?"(Villager Auntie Bahana)
".... .... I know he is a good person, but ... ... it still absolutely scary.... "(Sun)

Sun knew about Yusuke's attitude and feelings, but the problem lies with her own heart. However, the fear of the god technique people which was engraved in her childhood isn't that easy to overcome. As heard from Zerald, it seems that Yusuke doesn't seem to be from the god technique people.

Even so, that power of that god technique person who came from another world, summoned by the "Evil/calamity god's shrine" also know as "The Shrine of no technique" seem different from the other god techniques. In this world, those who are summoned by the "evil/calamity god", are recognized as "evil/calamity god technique people".

"Well, it is not in a hurry. Just take it slowly, you could try to speak to him bit by bit."(Villager Auntie Bahana)

~ Sun's pov
I could start from the morning greetings first. If I could slowly get use to it, I maybe able to speak normally.

"Today, I wonder what should I ask... ... maybe how's the taste of the food?"(Sun)

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