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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Revised Version of World Customize Creator

Hi Guys, Sorry for the late update cause I realized that the version i was translating was the digest version and incidentally I found the undigested version and thus started to translate that instead.

Here's the link for the first Chapter. World custom creator (Web Novel) Chapter 1 : Shrine of the false god / Shrine of the evil god

Part of the story goes like that:


A chime echoed through my head, as I, Tagami Yusuke, awoke lightheaded from unconsciousness.


The cold atmosphere around makes me want to move my body, as I was laying down with my back and butt on what seems to feel like stone.
Instinctively I opened my eyes and started surveying the area around me, the swaying bonfire illuminates to what seems like a stone chamber. As I began to confirmed my surrounding again, I check my body for any abnormality.

It seems that I been laid in place on top of a stone pedestal. For some reason stark naked. In front of the stone pedestal, was an unknown humanoid shape like monster with sinister aura, the statue decorated with black items on the ghost like altar.

... ... (more)

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