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Monday, 26 October 2015

Chapter 54 : The fleeting song of the honeybee [Middle Part] Part 2

Here's part 2, it's a little short though.


Five days had passed after the fall of the Patrucia Nost. The carriage that was supposed to greet the Darkness God Corps’ party would not arrive for another few days. Therefore the party was currently relaxing at the port town.

“Oh, you are out shopping?”
“Yeah, i’m in charge of the dinner today. I’ll be cooking fish.”
“You seem to be happy”

Razshia seemed to be tense, but the peaceful atmosphere around the party had started to get to her and she was being much more natural in her acting. She had even gotten friendly with the members of Yuusuke’s corps. However the girl herself had not remembered the last time she felt truly at peace (satisfied)



That day, Razshia had headed out to shop alone, when her codename was unexpectedly called from behind. Standing in front of the alley was a little girl, giving off an adorable smile while staring at her. The girl was singing a song like those of a fairytale.

“Flowers to flowers, let’s go look for sweet honey~”
“ that body, there is concealed poison.”

“Fufufu as I thought you were the bee right?”
“You are….from the special unit?”

The little girl who identified herself as Eru(Elfiona) invited Razshia into an alley while handing her a small wrapped package. Razshia immediately knew that there were poisonous drugs within the package that was handed to her.

Following after the childlike movement of Eru(Elfiona), they advanced into the alley. After a short while they arrived at a place from where they could not hear the noises of the busy street anymore. There, a cold male voice, belonging to a member of Nossentes special ops, called out the name [Honeybee] and began giving her her orders. (Shortened second part, cut out Nossentes secret ops temptress)

“Orders from the divine parliament.”

~~Neutralize the Darkness God Corps and Fonclanc Ambassadors, assist the work force in their raid.~~


“What do you see?”
“The person herself seems to wanna run away.”

After seeing Razshia’s figure disappear in the bustling crowd, the captain of the unit came out and to obtain the opinion of his subordinate. Noticing her reaction as the order was given, her feeling towards the extension of the mission and the actions that would be made towards the darkness god corps. If her feelings were to set it, it would prove to be troublesome.

“Do you think she will betray us?”
“That woman maybe, she had the same special training as Eru(Elfiona), so there shouldn’t be a betrayal.”

As the subordinate answered, the adorable smiling elementary girl who was standing beside him turned and looked towards a different direction. The newly established by Nossentes intelligence buery, the research training “Child Assassination Squad”. This time Eru(Elfiona) was assigned to the special ops as a prototype child assassin.

The innocent smile, the lovely gestures, everything which is included for a loli, the absolute obedience to the orders from a commander and faithfully doing any given task. An aim emotional training was carried out, thus when they are on standby they are quiet like dolls. They were taught to not do autonomous actions.

Seeing a emotional development on the growing Razshia, the spell of obedience that was implanted and wedged deep in her heart would prevent her from escaping. After listening to the opinion of the subordinate, the captain of the unit nodded in consent.


Razshia had returned to the inn after shopping, she confessed to Rasanasha about the order to attack the Darkness God Corps.

“Chi ah~ah, like I thought it’s impossible to get a normal life at this point!”

“Have you made up mind on your resolution?”

Tonight, she will not be able to go out for a stroll and would have to come up with her decision after dinner, as Rasanasha persuaded her to rethink about it. Even if the divine parliament is alive and well, Nossentes is currently under Gazzetta occupation and they themselves are traveling towards Fonclanc.

So long as there is a reason to be loyal to their country, their beliefs can be respected. However, the fact Razshia is going to follow the orders were pointed out as anxiety rather than loyalty by Rasanasha. 

Like a prickling stabbed with a needle, Razshia frowned and looked away as she turned in silence.

“Ne, please Shia. Give it a second thought, let’s talk to Yuusuke-same about it?”
“.....I’m sorry, Rasa.”

“! ng…..tsu”

Razshia turned and looked back, behind her was a translucent yellow object that she had prepared, a jelly type honey looking sweet that she placed in her mouth, she immediately stole Rasanasha’s lips and pushes the sweet down her throat with her tongue. And at that rate she pushed her and held her down onto the bed.

Rasanasha who understood the meaning of her actions, she tried to swing and twist her body in order to get out and inform Yuusuke and his party about it, but Razshia had received training to constrict someone, thus Rasanasha couldn’t break free.

Eventually, Rasanasha fell into a deep slumber as the anesthetic that was in the honey took control.

“ I’m really sorry….”

Razshia murmured softly while gently stroking Rasanasha’s cheek, she took the package she had gotten from Eru and concealed it in her bosom as she left the room.


“Ooo~looks delicious.”
“It doesn’t looks delicious, it is delicious.”
“Hahaha I wonder if I can take portion of it.”

Like usual everyone gathered for dinner, their eating and chattering created the lively atmosphere. She gave the explanation that Rasanasha is resting early due to her sickness, as it is known that she was suffering from a disease, and everyone was convinced easily, though they were worried about her.

“Well then, I will go nurse my sister.”

“Okay, if anything happens, call out to us.”
“Shia’s cuisines was delicious.”
“Ne~Next time…..please teach me about the amount of seasonings.”

After returning to her room, Razshia was prepared to go out as she looked at Rasansha who was sleeping on the bed. A slow acting sleeping drug was mixed into the cuisine and everything was eaten without leaving anything behind. Looking at the food made by her, which was on the table that had been cleaned out, made her felt happy during this mission.

However, this time the swirling in Razshia’s heart wasn’t because of the joy of being praised from the cooking done by her, neither was it because of the sense of achievement due to a successful mission, but because of the fear and impatience that she had felt which could not be put into words.

“......the report, I have to go….”

Razshia being lost about where to go, she exited to the streets from the back door of the inn as she walked down the alley of the port city bathed in the night sky.


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