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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Chapter 48: Patrucia Nost

I was wondering what I had forgotten to do today and just remembered it, sorry for the late post.

Translator : Baka367, TLC : Lunate, Editor : Champion9124, Proofreader : MrNeutral

Having spent the night at the Nossentes escort camp, Yuusuke’s group rose early in the morning, boarded a separate escort group’s carriage and started the final leg of their journey towards the ancient capital, named Patrucia Nost.
They exchanged a quick greeting with the escort party when they arrived late last night and then proceeded straight to the preparations for tomorrow’s journey, followed by rest. Without sufficient space to build the house like last time (pls confirm), Yuusuke did not bother customizing the earth and they accepted the tents that the escort party had provided them with.
Ambassador’s party, which expected to be able to rest in a lodging house again suddenly seemed somewhat dispirited and much more tired. However, Yuusuke was able to provide his corps, ambassador’s group, and even the escort party with a pleasant sleep.
“Captain, rather than being on a battlefield, this seems like a high class suite.” (Ambassador)
“Well, yeah. Even I can’t think of us being in battle right now.” (Yuusuke)
The quality of the customization was so high, that the ambassador’s party was able to get a pleasant rest in these comfortable sleeping bags, which had become a trademark of the Darkness God Corps. Even the escort party seemed to be more refreshed than  what one would expect from the soldiers on the field.
Soldiers had to rest no matter the harshness of the situation. So the Darkness Corps sleeping bags were the best kind of marching supplies that these soldiers could hope for.

“Where in the world did they get these from?” (Nossentes soldier)

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