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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Chapter 52 : Divine Parliament conspiracy

Translator : Baka367, TLC : Lunate, Editor : Champion9124, Proofreader : MrNeutral

A little while time after King Shinha’s announcement.
Despite it being late at night, a long line of the city’s inhabitants stretched before the northern gate. Shinha was watching it through the Divine Mirror. This mirror was a special device that was constructed in the center of the Divine Halls and allowed it’s user to look into the distance.
It was said that this mirror was created by an ancient Evil God. It had the power to show any place within Patrucia Nost or it’s surroundings from a bird’s eye view. It could practically be used to track the movements of anyone within the mirrors effective area.

The reason why the cooperation between the different knight squads of the Nossentes' military was so good was because of this mirror.


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