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Friday, 23 October 2015

Chapter 54 : The fleeting song of the honeybee [Middle Part] Part 1

Okay so there will be 2 parts to this chapter, we will do a final proofreading once the 2nd part is out. So far we have only edit a proofread this part. So enjoy.

Translator : Lunate87, TLC : Baka367, Editor : Champion9124, Proofreader : MrNeutral

This is easy to move in, and is surprisingly warm too.”
“You should wear a hair ornament to go with it, I believe that you would look more attractive you know?”

The two sisters, Razshia and Rasanasha, had just returned from shopping. They were currently chatting while trying on a combination of different small ornaments and organising their loot.

Regardless of the mission, Razshia had no experience in choosing fashionable clothes for herself, thus buying items from the stalls along the main streets proved to be an enjoyable act. But abruptly, a feeling of anxiety began falling over the enjoyable mood.

“Is something wrong?”
“....yeah, kind of.”

She was thinking about the events that will unfold when she reaches Sanc Adiet, as there will be problems for her, such as trying to persuade someone of important standing to take her under his wing, and there is also the presence of the Earl who is the boss of Rasanasha in Fonclanc, thus no deception should be made.

Aside from the Nossentes sympathizers within the palace officials, there were only a few nobles who Razshia could persuade. Talking about persuading, it won’t be as sweet as the time around with Yuusuke, and there might be a chance where lies and deception are involved.

“Haa What should I~I do…”

“This is troubling oo, no matter how powerful the man is in Fonclanc’s palace, no one can win against alcohol intoxication.”

“Wai~Wait a moment I don’t really remember it! To go against a country is~~”

Negotiating privately with palace officials(Nossentes symathizers) by using medicines to induce intoxication, and after that pretend to be a subordinate that was assaulted by the drunk official while gathering his weaknesses.
Forcing victims to cooperate is what they excel at. Using this same method, in which they have experience in, they will force Nossentes into cooperation. But if Razshia completes her mission, Rasanasha, who is known as her sister, will not come out of this unscathed.

“I think so….”
If Nossentes were to remain in ruins, I don’t believe the Earl will continue to harbour me, in the worst case scenario he would assassinate me to cover his tracks.

“Since we have come this far, it’s too late to turn back.”
“I see….so we should remain out of sight for as long as possible, it would be better for us to hide somewhere in the city for the time being.”

The moment they were to enter Sanc Adiet, she would first stay at Rasanasha’s house for the time being, a life of being unseen by the general public, and if she is spotted, they could secretly shift their residence to the outskirts of the city, and the chance of a palace official spotting them will also be reduced.

That evening, the two of them met up for a discussion about the main topic of Razshia’s place, if they were to be frank and to rely on Yuusuke entirely, in order words to get Princess Violet’s amnesty,  it might be quite the task.

“Well, even though many people like Yuusuke, it’s probably impossible until that point.”
“Is...that so?”

“Because he’s the hero of Fonclanc don’t you know?”

It’s not good to expect sympathy from a military personnel, Razshia’s basis to chide any excessive expectation of the Darkness God Captain who is a hero was because of the elder like good people subordinates.


While the Darkness God Corps and the ambassadors were spending their time in the port city within the detention facilities of Sanc Adiet, Rasanasha’s boss, the Earl, was visiting an important interrogation that was on-going as an excuse.

“Ho, to take Patrucia Nost so easily.”
“There is still more than half of the Divine parliament’s troops moving around, so there should be some form of contact coming here.”

No longer having the backing of Nossentes, the Earl started an early interrogation of Volmes in an attempt to prevent him from spilling out everything. His intention was to gain insight of Volmes, as he will be in trouble with Nossentes ruined. Thus he had to imply to him(Volmes) to skillfully evade and buy time.

“The Remnants of Izapnar’s faction of Gazzetta or Blue Garden, or even if there might be a 3rd force hiding in the shadows. For the time being, it’s all up in the air.”
“Hmm, I see. So the Divine Parliament will make a provisional government while being exiled in Fonclanc for the meantime, while bluffing that their main forces are somewhere else”

The Earl nodded to Volmes foresight, as he conveyed a message to the other spies to gather at this detention facility.

“Now then…..kun, will you call on the interrogation officer?”

After affirming the Earl’s response, Volmes, requested to be transferred to interrogation room after the monitoring soldier came along to the front desk. Puzzled and thinking that Volmes might want to confess an important testimony, he went to call the interrogation officer over.

After some time, an interrogation officer and several soldiers had arrived at the interrogation room, there Volmes began to talk.

“The one who sent out an indication of a raid was the Divine Parliament of Nossentes.”

Volmes who was notified about the Fall of Patrucia Nost began exposing the mastermind behind the artless village raid incident which were the orders by Nossentes’s Divine Parliament. Fallen from grace from Blue garden, he found himself accepting a condition to be incorporated into the Special unit without any complaints.

Taking the command of the execution squad, and only limited to the moving the troops, the one holding actual commanding authority was the deputy who had died in battle in the port city, and he also explained that those who were in his former Blue Garden elite teams were also being monitored.

The fact that the deputy of the unit was responsible for the inspection, and since the subordinates of the original elite team were dead, there was no way for the secret of the imposter to leak out. Volmes believed it to be so.  

“So in other words, you are saying that your actions were actually orders forced by the Divine Parliament?”
“....I see. You have to apologize to the people of Fonclanc for the great deal of trouble you have brought to them.”

Volmes recognized the figure of Hivodir who came entering into the interrogation room with questions from the overview of the testimony. Volmes was aiming to improve his impression by showing a laudable attitude in order to gain credit and his freedom by presenting a sacrifice.

“Why, did you suddenly make these testimonies?” he severs the card which he had held onto, the answers to their questions.

“Earlier, the Earl that came to my interrogation was a person who had connections with the divine parliament.” (TL notes: WHAO Backstab)

After affirming several Nossentes’s spies, and saying that the residence he lived in is also being spied on. Knowing about the conspiracies and secret maneuvering of the Divine Parliament, he believed his life was being targeted and that his time was limited, so he confessed about everything he knew.

“He might be uneasy due to the fall of Patrucia Nost.”

The Earl had came to warn Volmes that the Divine Parliament still exists and is going strong, and implied that he  “Not say anything,” reminding him of the consequences of being a spy of Nossentes.

“I have judged that it was a good opportunity to expose the truth to the light of day.”
“I see, a logical decision.”

Seeing Hivodir’s nodding reaction, Volmes was gloating inside. But that was short lived.  “However~~” Hivodir continued his words, and invited the people who were waiting outside the interrogation room by opening the door. Volmes expression immediately shrank.

“These 2 people, are from the crew who had attacked my house and everything in that village.”

The 2 men were young. One of them was missing a part of his arm from the elbow up, while the other from the waist down had his back bent in a strange way. All the subordinates were supposed to have been buried by the Artless warrior and the Darkness God Crops.
(TL notes: Ouchie, this is some dark shit)
“Ah you guys are still alive! There was news that you were all dead.”

Volmes performed a wink to his 2 former subordinates of the Fire Troupe, as a signal to cooperate with him.

During that night, there were eyes monitoring the 3 people who were out in pursuit of Hivodir, they were in a situation where the life and death of the entire team laid on them.

“That’s what he said, you guys aren’t mistaken about it right?”

“What the team leader had said….leave everything to us.”

The two former subordinates did not comply with the wink that Volmes had sent them. In fact, the 2 of them had already heard about some of the events which occurred at the port city and the current Patrucia Nost.

“These 2 people had admitted that they were persuaded by you to escape Blue Garden and defect to Nossentes.”
“No, that is…..”

“Not only that, it seems that in order to save yourself, you sacrificed all of your subordinates as a decoy in the port city~~”

After withdrawing from the port city, the remains of the victims of the fighting were being transported on the carriage, these bodies of the armed groups were being transported to the nearby forest and buried with the help of the residents of the city.

Most of the corpses of the armed group were burned down alongside the inn, except for 2 unnatural corpses that were discovered at the back of a house near the inn.

An underground secret tunnel was found beneath the inn to a nearby house, and to surmise, these two probably tried to escape using the tunnel. However, being in the middle of a fight, there was not one soldier who saw them.

One guy’s head was cut clean off, the other had a burnt hole in his chest. From the evidence found, the chest seems to be pierced by a sword using a strengthening flame art.

“The equipment that Fonclanc soldiers uses are spears, but you have been using a sword.”

Hivodir brought the 2 bodies back to the 2 original fire troupe members who survived the onslaught of Shinha and they had confirmed that they were colleagues of theirs.

The situation was explained to them when Volmes was caught, and they had apparently covered up the news of the dead body whom were their colleagues that died in the hands of Volmes, these 2 surviving members of the fire troupe had confessed that they escaped from Blue Garden.

They even spilled out that Volmes was the captain of Nossentes special corps and had always been acting in line with Nossentes and he had been dealing behind their backs without them knowing. As they testified about it.

“Furthermore, just a few days ago, such things had arrived in the palace.”
“....still there should be something.”

Hivodir took out a slip from his coat, and listed on it was a letter mark from Gazzetta.

The news of the fall of Patrucia Nost was received the next day, all of the Divine parliament’s messenger birds were sent out to deliver the Gazzetta King’s letter, within the letter was the Divine Parliament’s plan and the spies that had infiltrated, and also all of the nobles who were connected were being marked.

Within the letter Volmes’ troops establishment was amongst one of it’s contents, and it also stated that the one that initiated the village raiding plans to start the conflict between Gazzetta and Fonclanc was Volmes.

The chances that he had created with his hands, the attempts that Volmes had tried to gain a foothold from were all completely exhausted.

“Now the, all value of the informations about Nossentes you had are useless….so what do you have to say now?”

Volmes was silent as he pulled back a short breath.


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