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Monday, 31 August 2015

Chapter 39 : At the Artless village

Translator : baka367, TLC : lunate, Editor : champion9124
Having met up with the emergency dispatchment of soldiers, Yuusuke’s group was now riding towards the attacked artless village.
As current soldiers under Yuusuke’s command were dispatched here on an extremely short notice, their overall skill level was not high. They were a ragtag bunch of fellows that barely passed the minimum qualifications required to serve the kingdom. Few of them understood the important tactics, Yuusuke relied on, or danger that came along with the mission.
Therefore they have not been assigned to Deernook fortress, neither have they participated in the battle of Paula fortress nor did they knew anything about Shinha. Because of that, they were assigned to an artless village that was seemingly devoid of any problems.
“So Fonclanc is also severely shorthanded?” (Shinha)

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