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Friday, 7 August 2015

Chapter 31 : From now on

Translator : baka367, TLC : lunate, Editor : champion9124

After retreating from Blue Garden, the White Sword cavalry of Gazzetta returned to the military town in the hinterlands and were performing the training drills. This town was different from the white clan village, where only the royalty and those close to them gathered. It was a town of the common people of the white clan.
“Your highness, there was a message about the activity of the Nossentes infiltration force from within the capital.” (Officer)
“Fmph, so they were watching the conflict between Fonclanc and Blue Garden after all” (Shinha)
“Should we reinforce the border security?” (Officer)
“We are at a clear disadvantage. Continue monitoring the situation after withdrawing the defensive line slightly back. If anyone crosses the border, arrest them immediately.” (Shinha)
Even if they knew about the existence of the evil god, the warriors of Gazzetta were not able to achieve any victories in their recent battle, although, from what happened during the battle, the outcome was satisfactory as they were able to get a rough grasp of the power of the evil god. If there was something to be unsatisfied about, it was the fact that they were completely unprepared to become prisoners of war and placed themselves in the mercy of the militias of the Blue Garden that they were looking down on.

Because Yuusuke was there, Shina also had to restrain himself from acting too rashly. Although he had witnessed the strength of the evil god’s power before, he was not sure if Yuusuke had any other cards in his hand. As expected, provoking the evil god into that situation was a poor decision.

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