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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chapter 37 : The omens of the wind

Translator : Lunate, Editor : Champion9124

Word count 2236 words

After officially announcing Sorzak’s addition to the Darkness god corps, rumors of the Darkness god corps captain scouting civilians were spread across the palace and the city.

Due to the influence of the rumors, Yuusuke abstains himself from going to the city, in order to curb this obstacle towards his mission, which was listening to the voice of the commoners, Violet’s next plan was to let him take a break from patrolling for the time being.

“Hmmm, to combine the gears and the shifting of the gear…..this is pretty interesting.”

5 days after the commotion subsided, Yuusuke visited Sorzak’s shop with a prototype of a simple gear box. Yuusuke isn’t really familiar with the full structure of this special machine, he only knows to the extend of a plastic model of a radio controlled car.

“For some reason after combining the items, the rotation became reverse, I do not know why it’s like this.”(Yuusuke)
“Affirmative, I will start researching it.”(Sorzak)


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