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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Chapter 34 : The short peace


Translator : Lunate, Editor : Champion9124

2236 words

“What? In the end the rumors of the ghost were just a researcher and the works of children?”(Violet)
“It worked well while it lasted. This is the identity of such rumors.” (Yuusuke)

“Boring~~ But It’s still pretty interesting to have a city underground, should we go try exploring the basement of the palace now?”(Violet)
“The basement of the palace huh….”(Yuusuke)

A few days after solving the specter commotion, Yuusuke was currently holed up in his room after he had finished his patrolling duties in the commoner district. He began experimenting on the gimmick function specification on some crap items, for the purpose of testing them. Violet was currently hanging around in his room, as she leisurely enjoyed their silly conversation time.

The location of Yuusuke’s mansion was decided, and all that’s left is to wait for it to be built. Although Yuusuke could have built it himself, but due to various circumstances he had let the earth arts architects work hard on it.

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