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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Chapter 15: Rain from the empty sky

Translator : baka367, TLC : lunate, Editor : Champion9124

In the storage room, two females – one with blond hair and another with blue hair – were sitting cuddled together and covered with a cloth used to cover the raw ingredients. They looked terrible, their eyes swollen from crying and signs of bruises still present on their faces. Aisha, having read Yuusuke’s thoughts from his face, spoke in regret of her inability to be of more help.
“This is the most I can do with my powers.”(Aisha)
Aisha, having done her best to close small cuts and scratches, hung her head dejectedly. While Yuusuke thought to help heal the girls completely, that was not his biggest problem at the moment.  
"How do I say this… why are they covered with this cloth?”(Yuusuke)
“We didn’t have any spare clothes…”(Aisha)


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