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Monday, 15 June 2015

Chapter 19 : True State of Blue Garden

Translator : Baka367, TLC : lunate, Editor : Champion9124

Before dawn---
In the shadow of the huge protective wall of the city fortress Paula, Zeshald was summarizing the information that he had gathered on the internal situation of Blue Garden, while deciding on his future actions according to the information about the current state of Fonclanc, which he obtained from a collaborator (Reifold).
“I see, so Yuusuke performed splendidly this time. Still, even just listening to what he had done… his power seems tremendous.”(Zeshald)
“Even though I have expected something like that from him, he has astounded me as well.”(Reifold)
Reifold laughed even though he himself nearly got caught in the mayhem.
Right now the fortress city Paula was concerned with restoring their combat strength due to the annihilation of the wind troupe. Divine arts military groups were swarmed with recruitment and conscription applications. Because of that, Zeshald’s surveillance get looser, day by day.
“I will soon go meet with the water priestess [Queen].”(Zeshald)

“In the main capital, Cofta?”(Reifold)

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