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Friday, 1 January 2016

Chapter 68 : Trouble at Driadria

Happy new year. Baka forgot to release =(

The next day the Darkness God Corps party had left Rinwaal and headed towards Driadria. No one noticed when Reifold returned from the palace, but he joined the party for their breakfast and didn’t have any qualms when he was told that he was to join the Rudea mines party.
“By the way, what did you talk to the King about yesterday?”
“We talked about the recent events and had some small talk.”
“Is that so?”
Understanding that it was useless to pry further, Yuusuke easily accepted his answer. The only thing real about Reifold was his usual smile. There were two roads that could have been used to travel between Rinwaal and Driadria. The road that the locals used, which trekked through the mountains and a longer road that did not pass through any difficult terrain. Because the party was not used to traveling the dangerous mountain roads they opted for a safer choice.
Then again, the modified demon beasts’ incident was not yet solved so the safety of the other road was also questionable at best.
Currently they were back in Fonclanc’s territory, travelling towards that different road. They approached Trent Rietta’s territory for the second time at around noon and had stopped for a break. By the time they reached Driadria the sun had already set.
“Whoa, so this is Driadria.”
After disembarking from the carriage, Razshia was turning around, admiring the view of the city. The second city of the country was built at the intersection of the major roads. The city seemed to be divided into a mountain half and a forest half, thus conveying a particular artistic sense of its builders.

The roads in the city center were widened during the development, so the highway roads trekked through the middle of the city. A lot of carriages and stalls of the trading companies were also lined along these roads.


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