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Friday, 15 January 2016

Chapter 70 : Fragment of doubt

Sorry for the late release this chapter was a little long.

“How’s it over there?”
“Na~ it seems pretty hard to get a good stone.”

Yuusuke had returned to the inn in Driadria after one activity, as they began discussing about their results and reports during the late lunch.

Sorzak seems to have collected the necessary amount of iron ore, and had contracted someone to deliver his ores to Fonclanc.

Since the current mission has already been accomplished, the research on the sampled soil will be continued in the basement of Yuusuke’s mansion.

“Well now, since the mission is done, it should be time for some sightseeing but….”

“The current situation won’t allow us to have a light hearted tour though.”
“Rinval, we should be able to have a calm time there right?”
“Since the tasks are completed, we could head there at any time.”

In the end, since they are currently in the danger zone, there is no point to stay here any longer, thus they will be heading home tomorrow. SInce there weren’t any huge items to be dismantled, they began preparing the carriage with food and water to head home.

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