So who clicked the Unbelievable Link in Chapter 49?

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Chapter 67: Night Scenery of Rinwaal

Two knight carriages were going south, towards Trent Rietta, on the highroad at the eastern coast of Fonclanc.
Yuusuke was sitting in the first carriage, that was driven by Vermeer, along with Sun, Razshia and Reifold, who tagged along for some unknown reason. The second carriage was driven by Shaheed. Aisha, Fonke, Isotta, and Sorzak were riding inside it.

When Sorzak heard from Yuusuke that the corps would be heading to Driadria in Trent Rietta, he requested to join them as he wanted to get some iron ore from the Waterstone mines.


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  1. Last time I clicked an "unbelievable link" it was a link to tubgirl. Hence why I'm one of those who did NOT click it.


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