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Monday, 14 December 2015

The Dance Festival (Back part) - part 2

Alright part 2 of the back part of the dance festival. WTF am I saying, this feels weird.

GG dammed this 2nd part of the chapter, argh dammed the author.

And here's the full chapter 65

Translator : Lunate, TLC : Baka367, Editor :

Early morning of the second day of the dance festival~~

Motivated to train himself even more Thalys had left his birthplace. On the road back to Gazzetta, he was thinking about the parting words that Zeshald had left him with last night.
Thalys who had regained consciousness on the bed in Zeshald’s mansion is disappointed in his ability which could not compete with the Divine Arts of Yuusuke. Even so, he could not take the fact that Sun was a civilian under military employment by Yuusuke.

As Zeshald came to check on his recovery, Thalys began to confide to him about the things he had kept in his heart, as expected he had the same trust and respect towards Zeshald who had helped him since a young age like Sun.

“Certainly Yuusuke’s power is unimaginable, but….I cannot accept that. For Sun’s sake, if only I can put out more power the next time~~”
“Hmm. But Thalys, have you thought about Sun’s feelings?”

In the end, the thought for the welfare of Sun was just Thalys desire, as it was pointed out that he was imposing his feelings onto her.

“Well, it’s understandable that we would not want Sun to participate in a battle.”

Without being forced to step into this harsh and dangerous world, even though there were many other ways to stand by Yuusuke, but she have chosen to become a member of the Darkness God Corps to be beside Yuusuke, this was her own will, the answer that she came up.

She denied to be content with her protection. Thus Yuusuke responded with respect to that feeling.

“So who do you think considered about Sun’s situation?”

Without a clear answer, Thalys smolder his thoughts in his chest, as he venture down south on the dim Fonclanc’s highway.


Due to the first day’s duel event which blew through the atmosphere of the dance festival, the second day became a full fledged courtship day. In the central venues of the village, the  young men and women were carried into a momentum battle of confessing to their crushes with “Please marry me!”

Since yesterday, Sun and Yuusuke had became the official couple of Rufk village, the story was that a brave soul had challenge the Hero of Deernook, but Yuusuke was able to brush away the confident person who approach Sun defiantly, thus the 2 people were  able to spend their quiet time together.

However, the honorably defeated, those who were tied, the interchanging mixed feelings were raging like a violent storm within the village. While the two of them headed out for a stroll in the forest where they first met at the false/evil god’s shrine.

“This feeling of reminiscence…..”

It seems that someone from the village has taken over the duty of caring for the shrine as the properly lit fire proved. Heading into the stone chamber, Yuusuke was filled with strong emotions as he indulged in looking at the paintings on the ceiling.

“That reminds me, I haven’t thanked Sun.”

Sun began blushing as she recalled when she first met a naked Yuusuke who was exiting the shrine while she was heading there to place an offering as it reminds her of the symbol of the false god.

“Normally this kind of situation should be in reverse.”

Seeing Sun blushed, realising what she had remembered, Yuusuke began laughing to conceal his embarrassment.

“No, usually this kind of happenings shouldn’t it be the guys that accidentally stumbles on naked girls….”

“....Yuusuke-san, is perverted.”

The burning flame gently sway while giving off a warm soft light in the stone chamber, as echoes of laughter between the 2 person could be heard. A sudden pause between the voices, next from the silence, Sun who was sitting on stone pedestal began to speak.
“, you wanna...see…?”

Sun rest both her hands onto her chest, she glance up as she leaned forward while her face turned red while saying.

“ you want….to see my body?”

For a moment the words coming out from Yuusuke was jammed as he wonder how to react and respond to Sun’s words that were directed to him from the front while ever so slightly turning his head to a different angle.

“Is this, again by Ra~~”
“This is not because of what Razshia-san said!”

The sudden strong outburst from Sun echoed through the stone chamber causing Yuusuke to shut his mouth.

“I, I just consulted with her. On what I can do to get rid of Yuusuke-san’s awkwardness/shyness….”

Yuusuke became confused by the unexpected confession. Like a old father, Yuusuke was resistant to cat women, however this was the first time a girl came crashing towards him with her earnest feelings that he didn’t have experiences of.

Yuusuke’s silence was regarded as rejection, thus Sun muttered in a sorrowful tone.

“As I thought….someone like me, couldn’t fit to be….. Yuusuke’s companion?”
“No, there isn’t such thing! It’s not that….how do I put it.”

The situation where he is known as the evil god. He isn’t a man originally from this world. The legends that “leads to apocalypse and destruction of the world.” Due to these reasons, Yuusuke explain why he was hesitant to have a favorite person or go into a deep relationship with someone.

“Someday there might be a chance that I might just disappear, who knows….”

Thinking about the people that will be left behind, thus he had decided not to build close relationship with them in order not to hurt them.

“....of course, Yuusuke-san is somewhat different.”
“I wonder.”

“No matter what, we will all disappear one day….all the more, everyone would try to leave something as proof that they had live.”
“Hmm, the generation and place that I was being brought up in doesn’t have such strong feelings of doing so.”

As he placed his fingers on his chin, Yuusuke was thinking about the values of the thing that he had felt in his original world, what was in the present/modern day…. suddenly his conscious was being brought back by the rustling of clothes. The thing that came jumping into his vision was Sun’s white naked and glossy body down from the shoulders.

“From that huge tower, to the fortress….Yuusuke-san traces have been left, in the near future I believe that you will leave even more traces across this world.”

Sun’s being relief is known as her breathing became lighter was being projected by her shadow that was being illuminated by the swaying light.

“Please engrave….traces of Yuusuke-san…..on me too.”

Being stark naked Sun was shyly facing downwards while looking straight into Yuusuke’s eyes as her body was waiting in anticipation for him.


In the evening, the two headed back to the village.

“I’m really sorry for being weak-willed….”
“Mou It’s alright, you don’t have to worry so much.”
「もうっ いいんですよ、そこまで気にしなくても」

A genuinely pathetic atmosphere seems to permeate from Yuusuke, while Sun was giggling and walking beside him as she tries to comfort him with gentle words.

In the end, the great hero of Deernook broke the temptation of Sun with his bleeding nose and he collapsed, out of all the possible outcome. Yuusuke was depressed, although Sun didn’t seem to mind.

The results of confession after her giving her all, although there was blood it was in a different sense, at least, by using her bare skin, it seems that Yuusuke was proved to be reachable. Thus Sun began to have a little confidence in her attractiveness as a women.

“I’m sure, there will still be many opportunities.”

As expected of a warrior based clan, Yuusuke’s day are numbered.


During that same time, within Zeshald’s mansion.

“How’s the feeling, is it weak?”
“....the back, a little lower….”

“Fumu, here?”

The energetic ero-geezer and the melted ice-girl were flirting (engrossed in each other).


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    Would-be rapist returns to village and immediately tries to claim his target? No one arrests the asshole but rather happily urge Yuusuke to duel him for their amusement. The fact that Yusuke obliges them instead of reminding them all that the other man tried to RAPE Sun just made it more frustrating. And now this nosebleed crap. *sigh*

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