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Thursday, 15 January 2015

World Customize Creator volume 1 chapter 2 (light novel digest version)

Ughhh is down so far i have translated this part first. Will try to slowly work my way to the completion of the chapter. (10% done)

A village doctor who is a healing god technique user have been coming to Zesharudo's mansion these past few days. After getting use to the life in the village, I begin to research on the customization skill ability to repair by using it on old clothes and spoiled tools, thus the villages contributed their items on a daily basis.

However, I am currently living with Sun whom I have not get along with yet. Sun have been placing a distance between us, every time when our eyes met she will hurriedly move to somewhere else, unknowingly letting out a sigh.

' Please don't think badly of her, that girl have been haunted by her unfortunate past' (....more)

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