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Monday, 12 January 2015

World Customize Creator Volume 1 Chapter 1

Hi guys, here's the first chapter of volume one (world customize creator). Hope you guys like it.

Chapter 1


A familiar sound of a chime echoed within my head, I awake from this mysterious slumber. For some weird reason I found myself lying down naked in the middle of a cave on top of a stone pedestal altar, I reposition myself while calmingly trying to recall the events that happened, I decide to leave my current situation behind after realizing that my memories were fuzzy.

After experiencing astral projection in the compound of the neighborhood shrine, my mind doesn't seems to be affected. In spite of the unusual situation that I have been thrown out naked in this location, I have come into terms with myself that I am still existing here and now. Despite being bewildered, for the time being I put on the cloth that was placed as an offering on the altar.

As I hastily make my way through the narrow stone passage way, I met a girl with pure white hair.

The girl who came to the altar was carrying fresh flowers and fruits to replaced those that have been shriveled or wilted, as she saw me emerging from the small shrine, she dropped her offerings and ran away screaming in fear...(More)

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