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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Chapter 27 : Miscalculation

Translator : baka367, TLC : lunate, Editor : champion9124

Shalnar’s month of fire, eleventh day~~
An old clan village hidden in the Gazzetta mountains.
The “village” looked more like a small fortress than a village, and stone buildings were neatly arranged around the environs.  At a first glance one could mistake it for a secluded mountain village.
In this small group of buildings, one house set itself apart from the rest, as its disposition was more akin to a shrine than to a simple building.
“Hey granny, still alive and kicking strong, I see.” (Young man)
“And look at you, all grown up. You’re so tall now.” (Village priestess)
The young man was familiar with the village priestess since he was a baby, so after exchanging a friendly chatter the two moved onto the main topic.


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