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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Chapter 26 - The Evil God's Roar (Part 2)

Here's the part 2, just after the cliff hanger. Enjoy.

Translator : Lunate, TLC: Baka367, Editor : Champion9124

Word Count : 2567 words

Part 2

The white corps that suddenly appeared stopped about 500m south of the Fonclanc's army, away from the chaos. Once there, they began to arrange their ranks in a line. It seemed like they weren't going to be involved in the fight, as half of the horses were being led away.

Even so, a unit consisting of one hundred [Artless] Warriors, were taking up position in line as they glared towards the Great Wall of Paula. But as one looked closely, they could see personnel with red, blue and green hair; those with divine arts amongst them.

"~~~ We are white sword cavalry from Gazzetta. By order of King Shinha, we are here to assist our king's ally: the Hero of Gearhawk, Yuusuke.~~~"

The use of the wind arts, [Hiroden], from the Gazzetta army resounded through the area. Gazzetta is a nation whereby it's citizens have equal rights, it's lands were made up of mainly mountain ranges, with it's ancient capital guarded by its [Artless] king. There are rumors whereby they have a facility which fosters [Artless] Warriors within their territories.

There was rumors of the participation of Gazzetta's [Artless] Army in the upcoming battle. Confusion spread across Fonclanc's army, Yuusuke felt so depressed to hell like a cameraman's viewfinder, to deal with the situation and calm his feelings he opened up his customization menu screen.

He began organizing each and every piece of information he had, as the other side had said that they were here as an ally. He summarized that Shinha was being called king. As the overall person in charge, Captain Yuusuke used his firmness and calm attitude to assess the situation, and from their declaration it seems that they weren't enemies, thus the confused Fonclanc's army gradually regained their composure.

"Captain, the servants would like to know how the communication with the Water Mirror is coming along?"
"Well, what about it?"
"Even without reinforcements now, the Water Mirror should be able to become the leaders of Paula at this rate."

Although it is said to be allies, the Diplomatic relations with Gazzetta were shallow, and there was uncertainty of whether the [Artless] corps would be participating. In all honesty, they were most likely here to cause confusion. After Yuusuke consulted with his subordinates he replied the Gazzetta Army with [Hiroden].

"~~Thank you for the reinforcement. However, we are not going to have reckless sacrifices. Thus we hope you would stop and line up as a deterrence force.~~"

He issued a request command for the oncoming force to stop advancing. By the way, Hivodir was supervising the dialogues. The response from Gazzetta army goes like this, "We will be in favor as an ally in this battle, but our military command authorities have the goal to release our brethren that are held here."

"....this smells suspicious."
"Ah, they seem like a determined bunch."
"What does that mean?"

According to Vermeer and Shaheed, it seems that Gazzetta is taking the opportunity to invade Blue Garden by joining Fonclanc's armed intervention using the excuse of being Yuusuke's ally. While Yuusuke was listening to both of their opinions, a new [Hiroden] started to echo the surrounding area.

"~~ I am the Queen's immediate organization Water Mirror's leader Zeshald~~"

Now it seems that a [Hiroden] of Zeshald's voice from Water Mirror have been issued, the nostalgic voice to Yuusuke that came from the Great Wall.

In a dignified and heavy sounding voice, he began to talk about the Queen's policy of Blue Garden [Artless] protection policy and the future where the policies will be heading towards. Due to the small scale of armed conflicts, and the most of the personnels in the walls are civilians, he would appreciate if Gazzetta would stop their invasion.

Zeshald declared that he did not consider the Gazzetta army as a reinforcement of Fonclanc. Zeshald had also arrived at the same conclusion as Vermeer and his gang, and in order to restraint Gazzetta’s Army using the cover plan as Yuusuke's reinforcement, he used [Hiroden] again.

"~~Even with the same reasons of a war of liberation, it doesn't seem like you're on the Blue garden's side~~"

Gazzetta Army rebuked by saying so. Not observing the pretext of the Queen's protection, they declared the release of all fellow countrymen which are owned by the Queen. That itself is clearly a declaration of war. While a three way struggle of [Hiroden] began, the battle became lull.

"Didn't this become a little confusing?"(Yuusuke)
"Captain, it seems like there is a new force approaching from the mountain side of the great wall!"
"Blue garden's reinforcement?"
"No, it seems like.....the Queen's banner"

New troops began to appear from the mountain side of Great Wall, these were the combat troops gather by the queen's force in Kofta to assist in the civil war.

"~~ I am Blue Garden's Queen, Rishause Toole ~~"

The Queen's dignified voice echoed through the battlefield. She approved the Fonclanc's military intervention, while declaring that she will completely resist against Gazzetta's invasion. With the Queen’s personal appearance by using [Hiroden], all the soldiers regardless of affiliation who were in this place were cheering.

At the same time, using the flow, the supreme leader officer Izapnar used his voice and inspired a battle cry.

"~~ Comrades, this must be an invasion conspiracy of Fonclanc and Gazzetta! Attack the Enemies! ~~"

In order to restore the momentum of the Blue Garden's God militia, without including the elite troupe, which had seem to tilted towards her majesty's favor, he tried to steer the attention of the whole army by diverting it using a sense of crisis to the presence of predators. Izapnar is currently using his favorite technique which allows him to move people, thus reaching to the top positions he held today.

"~~Do not attack, stop this battle immediately. Izapnar pull back your soldiers. Prioritize the evacuation of the citizens.~~"

The Water Mirror Militia Forces and Izapnar elite forces were currently in a standoff in the passage, while the Queen's forces move into a position where part of the wall which had disappeared in order to restraint the Gazzetta's army from advancing. The Fonclanc's army was all lined up on the side while looking at the Militia forces and elite forces glaring at each other.

Gazzetta's army which was further south of Fonclanc's army was staring intensively at the Great wall. Their current position was looking at the back of the Water Mirror's forces.

"What is this situation, it became very chaotic."
"......Erm, Yuusuke. Doesn't it seem to have become quite an awkward situation?"
"As you can see, it became a 5 way fight."
"No, it's not that."

"Looking at Gazzetta's movement, to bring their army to such a place, they are most likely trying to publicize their presence around the world,” Hivodir said as gave his own analytical speculation. Due to the fact that the other countries are also paying attention to this battle that is happening right here.

The anticipation of Fonclanc and Blue Garden conflict turning into a war, using the basis of pretense, of helping the Hero of Gearhawk and invade Paula to release the [Artless] of Blue Garden. And by causing a large number of deaths to the divine arts users, citizens of Blue Garden, the expected outcome was that the [Artless] from various places would retaliate from their oppression.

In the end, the aim which Gazzetta was seeking was the salvation of the [Artless]. At the same time, it was to increase Gazzetta's national power and so that it's forces will also be enhanced.

"If it continues to go according to this, it would crushed King Esvobus's aim."


Within the narrow remaining walls of the Water Mirror HQ, Zeshald as the commanding officer of the militias was considering the aim of Gazzetta.

If Gazzetta were to be permitted to invade, even if it becomes a one sided battle, Blue Garden's internal dispute will not lessen. And in order to manage the internal conflicts, Fonclanc will be driven to a state of war.

In order to fight against Gazzeta, Blue Garden had to form an alliance with Fonclanc, but the possibility for that was low. Up until now, Fonclanc have been unilaterally suffering from Blue Garden. On the other hand, Blue Garden would be unilaterally suffering the damage if Gazzetta joins the fight.

The Queen was riding on a ruse of Fonclanc's scheme to throw Blue Garden into confusion. Both countries have too many reasons that could cause a strife. While Gazzetta was waiting for the 2 countries to be plunged into the worst situation and take advantage of it.

"King Shinha.....his aim is to overthrow the world using [Artless] and to secure Yuusuke."


In the middle of the Gazzetta Army, surrounded by all his subordinate soldiers, Shinha was carrying out the final confirmation of the strategy with his staff officers for the attack on Paula. It was his long cherished wish to revive the ancient white clan empire of his family, the quiet fighting spirit have began to take his first step onto the battle.

"When this war is over, will the Hero of Gearhawk be regarded as the enemies of divine arts users...."
(Shinha) (most likely talking to himself)

There is also the possibility that Fonclanc, in order to avoid hostility from the other countries, they might take actions to punish the Hero of Gearhawk. In that case, it is also a good way of disposing of him. To embrace death bravely or to struggle with death, in the end only death shall await.

-If he survived and fled to Gazzetta, everything would be good, at that time I will welcome him with my arms wide open.- As Shinha thought about it.

"The preparation for the assault is complete."
"Yosh.......let's begin with the wind art's assistance."(Shinha)


After listening to Hivodir's analysis, Yuusuke began to groan as he then realized the seriousness of the situation. At the same time a report came to him regarding the Gazzetta army, who had started casting their movement assistance wind arts. As it seems, they have finally started to march. From the analysis, Gazzetta excuse for the participation in war would cause Yuusuke to be labeled as a traitor.

Their real purpose was to release the [Artless] who are from the same race, but the problem was that they have declared themselves as an ally of Yuusuke when they entered the battlefield. Yuusuke, had an accomplishment whereby he promulgated a regulation of protection on [Artless] in Sanc Adiet.

"Perhaps, he wanted Yuusuke to be chased by the Divine Arts Users around the world and to seek refuge in Gazzetta."(Hivodir)
"What the hell! Why does he want to make it difficult for Captain!"(Fonke)
"Ther, there is no point in being angry with me."(Hivodir)

Hivodir became a target of anger to soothe Fonke who had lost his reasons of restraint, while Yuusuke puzzled over what he should do next. Yuusuke was surprised that Shinha was the King of Gazzetta, but as he currently was in a troublesome situation, there wasn't any spare time to be surprised about it.

"A guy like himself, doesn't seem to be a two faced snake."(Yuusuke)
"Er,erm......Captain, that person.......I can see him within the ranks."(Isotta)
"EH, Seriously!?"(Yuusuke)

Isotta nodded her head with an uneasy expression, as her green hair swings about.


"~~SHINHA! I know you are inside the ranks, so pull back your forces! We could discuss on how to improve the treatments of [Artless] at another time.~~"

The Queen's forces prepared for the invasion of Gazzetta's army, while the Water Mirror forces and Izapnar elite forces were still in a glare off competition in the passageway. As the tension heightened on the battlefield, Yuusuke once again used [Hiroden] from Fonclanc's troops to Gazzetta's army and echo the cancellation of the assault.

The Commanding officer of the White sword cavalry headed towards Shinha for consultation.

"Hmm.....Don't bother about it, advance." (Shinha)

Shinha lifted up the Large white Platinum colored sword which Yuusuke had repaired previously and issued an advance orders to the lineup towards the Great Wall of Paula.

~In the end, he is the same as the Divine arts users, unable to change.~


Fonclanc's forces could do nothing and watch as Gazzetta’s army began their invasion. If they were to attack Gazzetta's army who declared themselves as an ally, they would cause a huge risk on diplomacy in the future and currently there is no option other than using force to stop them.

"tch... to stand out like that so suddenly, isn't it foul play..."(Fonke)
"That's diplomacy, this is a strategic problem."(Vermeer)

Fonke curse and kicked the wagon, while Vermeer could only look frustratedly at Gazzetta's army. At the same time Shaheed was showing a sullen face towards Yuusuke for further instructions as Yuusuke's [Hiroden] was being ignored.

"Captain, what should we do?"(Shaheed)
"Don't Kid with me.....when did they became my ally."(Yuusuke)

Yuusuke began to mumble and grumble to himself, Aisha became worried about him.

"Diplomacy, Strategies, foul play, common sense......FINE BRING IT ON!"(Captain)

Yuusuke looked up and ran towards the location of the wagons, as he glared upon the Great Wall to where the Gazzetta's army seemed to be heading towards. The wind, blowing from Bouzas Mountain, caused his Jet Black mantle to flutter. Every single one of Fonclanc’s forces began to notice Yuusuke roaring at Gazzetta's army, the white sword cavalry.


Using both his hands, he opened the Customization Menu. Although the customization menu can be operated with one hand, using both hands won't actually double his efficiency, it's just a matter to set the mood. Yuusuke had entered his so-called "Serious Mode".

"Vermeer, gather them around me! Do not let anyone to come through!"(Yuusuke)

Vermeer realized the different atmosphere around Yuusuke and immediately executed his command without reaffirming it. The circumference of the wagon which Yuusuke got onto was being surrounded by the darkness god corps, while the soldiers surrounded it in protection teams.
(TL notes: something like first bound and 2nd bound in defense tactics)

"Hivodir, you will lead a group and encircle the Gazzetta's army. We will inform you the timing from here, your instructions are to restrain them as much as possible until the very last minute.”

"Wah, the difference in numbers is too great.....I understand, I will figure something out."(Hivodir)

Hivodir is a secretly prideful person, but in time of need he is one who would do what needed to be done. Although he was clearly aware of his fear of the overwhelming odds, he consented to the mission without backing out.

"Isotta, inform the Water Mirror using transmission to evacuate with the citizens to the mountain, right now."

Rather than using [Hiroden] she used her normal wind arts transmission to contact the Water Mirror forces. It was how he had predicted, due to the chaotic situation, the wind arts interference was gone. She immediately transmitted the message to the Water Mirror Militia and reported it directly to Zeshald.


Using both his hands he operated the customization screen at a very quick pace, a 3D object began to form rapidly.


Meanwhile, inside the HQ of Water Mirror, a shadow figure got up slowly, taking this opportunity to complete her mission~~~~~.


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