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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Chapter 53 : The fleeting song of the honeybee [Front Part]

The next chapter will be divided into 2 parts it's too long, so I decided to split it up.

Translator : Lunate87, TLC : Baka367, Editor : Champion9124, Proofreader : MrNeutral

The plan to make Fonclanc and Blue Garden fight each other that the parliament had put together required their special fortress to attack the Darkness God Corps and ambassador’s party while disguised as Gazzetta troops. It was quite a simple tactic to make two countries fight each other.

Since the opponent is Blue Garden’s elite troupe and Gazzetta’s cavalry troop, in order to repel them they made use of Fonclanc’s best team, the Darkness God Corps. No matter how much one is a veteran from many battles, there is no guarantee that they would fight and cross swords up front.

Therefore they decided to make use their spy, “Honeybee” Razshia who was currently traveling with the Darkness God Corps party. Although, she is not skilled in assassination, she was adept in handling drugs. It would be good if the Darkness God Corps could be use stall the time of attack.

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