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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Chapter 51 : Fall of the Hollow/Empty Castle

Translator : Baka367, TLC : Lunate, Editor : Champion9124, Proofreader : MrNeutral

Elite Gazzetta troops were walking through an old hidden passage that had not been touched by anyone for five hundred years. The village oracle, Ayuukas, from the village of the white clan, who was accompanying them as a guide, muttered in a quiet, yearning voice.
“Most of the remaining passages were destroyed… but this one seems to have remained untouched after all.”
“But why did they leave this single passage untouched? There has not been even a single trap here yet.”
“Because of this”
evil beasts?”
Ayuukas pointed at the floor before them, where the bones of a long dead evil beast laid scattered about, now but a testament of its former strength.
Successive generations of the Divine Parliament have been doing their best to search and destroy any remaining hidden tunnels that could compromise the safety of Patrucia Nost. However, it seemed that a pack of evil beats had settled in this passage as their den. The Divine Parliament of that time decided that they were suitable watchdogs and left the tunnel untouched.
“Even if they were evil beasts, they could not survive without food.”

Noticing the traces of cannibalism on the corpses, Ayuukas could only pray that they had found a better life in the other world.

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