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Chapter 86 : Special force (Spec ops)

Late night ~~

In a room in Volance Palace, a gathering of voices could be heard in heated discussion. The nobles of the various houses ranging from the prestigious Volace family, to the bureaucrats and those managing divine user soldiers had gathered.

They split up and gathered according to their position and status. Their main purpose was to oust the Darkness God Captain. And thus the open meeting started with the discussion of future measures and plans.

“Demanding requests to the princess with an inappropriate social position, even though he has a distinguished military record, he is still dangerous.”
“We had tried the direct approach before and it didn’t work so our next option was to indirectly cause him harm.“

As long as the Darkness God Captain was under the Princess protection, even if the person in question was put under pressure, he didn’t seem to be affected.

Even at the carriage stand, he would give up his position and wait for the next carriage. Sometimes along the hallway when there were people walking pass, he would give way to the other person.

Although he had a non competitive behavior, the princess seems to be getting more friendly with him, causing others to think that he was being humble with a motive. Although the Darkness God Captain avoided ostentation of his status and laughed alongside with the commoners, his reputation only seemed to have increased.

He is keeping low profile for now, but if he continued to advance his status like this, he would surely gain princess’ affection and set his eyes on the royal throne. They could not allow an oddball like him, who was wearing strange clothes and even shown affection to an artless girl to have his way.

“Totally hateful.”

“The problem is that he was the only one declared as a hero. A rival is required to fix this.”
“Can you really find someone who has achieved as much as the Darkness God Captain, is it even possible to find such a person…?”

The Darkness God Captain in question had succeeded with an early sortie in restraining Gazzetta’s suspicious movement, taking custody of Valerie of the Elforodas family who was hiding in the port and even contributing to the liberation of Rival by crushing one of the 3 officers, Benefost, who was the strongest military officer of Wind Edge.

Not to mention that their enemies’ size were 5 times of theirs and he won with zero casualties, thus increasing his fame to greater heights.

“We can just create one.”

“The only problem now is how do we attract the attention of the people.”
“....what about the magical beast disaster?”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded. Among those who had participated in the reinforcement troops, are soldiers who had also earned a number of achievements  to rival the Darkness God Corps. If one is not enough, use a multiple of them.

As the magical beasts slaying was under the public attention, it might catch the interest of Princess Violet. The various countries were currently sending subjugation units to the organisation to prevent further casualties, as well as raising fame as this event is attracting all the attention.

When it is comes to the masses, people love new things every time. However, if it is a completely new idea or value it might cause hesitation and repulsion, but for an existence like an undefeated hero, everyone would welcome a new hero.

“In order words, to create a group of heroes that are greater than the Darkness God Captain.”
“That’s right. Fortunately, we could make use of the complete subjugation of the modded magical beasts to make this a reality.”
“Magic flute…. But, isn’t that impossible to replicate without the Darkness God Captain’s divine art?”
“Just any kind of replicate would not do and he might refuse to do it.”

To create a new hero that surpasses the Darkness God Captain with his own hands. The idea had struck the heartstrings of the people gathered here.

While the anti-Darkness God Corps faction schemed of the “best revenge”, Yuusuke was in his own home progressing on a new vehicle creation in an item data file, while thinking back about Sorzak’s discussion about the various rumors he heard in the city from the merchants.

The Darkness God Corps doesn’t seem to be popular with the former Nossentes immigrants district, and Yuusuke believed that it couldn’t be helped.

On the day when Shinha attacked, the Darkness God Corps were able to recover the central tower of the Nossentes palace, although with that defense power they took their ambassador and escaped without helping.

The escape itself was actually a request by the Divine Council Chairman, to avoid an intentional confrontation with the Gazzetta’s army, thus the rumors were wrong.

A guide for the Gazzetta spies? This fake rumor was not unfounded, Shinha was often witnessed speaking like friends by a lot of people, thus it’s not odd for people to find it suspicious.

Anyway due to the injustice incident earlier in the morning, the rumors had started to disappear naturally allowing the immigrants lives to become easier.

There was one more thing, information about the magical beasts have reached his ears. The indispensable magical flute that is required for the subjugation of the magical beast, Gazzetta was loaning them out for free to the punitive forces of each country, clearly there had to be evil beasts amongst the horde which were not affected by the magic flute.

Since there were no further details, there is a chance that they had mixed in together with the ordinary magical beast. The authenticity of it was uncertain.

“Shinha’s warning about the scattering of the magical beast, was he referring to this….”

If the ability to disrupt divine arts were to spread among the common magical beasts herds, it will turn into a troublesome situation. Yuusuke began considering the increasing threat and thinking of what type of weapons to make for hunting them.

With regards to a subjugation weapon, rather than relying on their own divine arts an item to aid these divine art users to fight in close combat with the magical beasts is required.

“Balancing the divine arts rings will turn into a troublesome thing.”

After such a long time it’s already too late and it had been known that it wasn’t easy to create special enhanced tools, the timing for creating something became important. In brief terms to easily create powerful equipments in mass production would cause conflicts.


Yuusuke was modifying the prototype designs of the train that were floating in the customization screen, wishing that it would be great if some day he could make toys and rides in peace, glancing out the window the sky of Kaltico had already turned dusk.

“’s so late.  Why are you staring at the night sky alone?”

Yuusuke was startled by a sudden voice from the rear. Razshia who had brought dinner, spoke out to Yuusuke who was showing a sadness to grieve expression as he looks out the window. As she sneakily crept into the room.


A few days later, Yuusuke was in his private room in Volance palace customizing various items on the screen as Violet came into his room like usual with a special request.

“Large orders of Magic flutes?”
“Yes. It seems that it will be distributed to the special forces that are subduing the magical beasts at areas that had been largely affected.”

The strengthening of the subjugation plan was enacted by the fearful bureaucrats to stop the expansion of the magical beast threat were funded by the nobles through the merchants services and the recruitments are well on the way.

“It looks like those who were involved in Rinval’s liberation are being summoned.”
“Hmm. Well, as long as there are materials the magic flute could be prepared immediately.”

At present with various countries sending their subjugation forces there doesn’t seem to be a decrease in the magical beast threat, thus Yuusuke agreed on the orders of the magic flutes as a form of support. After getting the agreement from Yuusuke about what she had needed to said, Violet changed to her original motive for coming to his room. Namely, toy junk fishing.

Recently, there wasn’t any huge incident that happened on the magical beast problem, Gazzetta’s activity to keep an eye on the situation didn’t seem to have felt any disturbing signs. As the peaceful days continues on, Yuusuke like usual was currently experimenting with a combination of junk.

Up until now the flying toy was still her favourite one, coming everyday to check on the small items Violet would occasionally find some interesting things, today it seems that a linked vehicle had caught her eyes in the room.

“What’s that? A new ride? It seems like a fairly elongated frame”
“This is a conceptual train, a prototype vehicle that could stack.”

“Hoho, a chain of vehicles?”
“Yeah, it is bound to a fixed route kind of transportation vehicle.”

He explained that it is like a cart used in a mine that could move through the middle of the city, it seems that Violet doesn’t seem to be interested in it. Violet wanted more exciting things, unlike a down to earth solid and sober ride.

“Is there anything else interesting~?”
“Safety comes first, if it all works out the roller coaster will not be far behind.”

“Oooh! Somehow it sounds very exciting.”
“Thinking from the safety perspective it is not impossible, and I believe it will be quite fun.”

To imagine and create a roller coaster with a combination of speed and altitude with sudden curves, Yuusuke began to hatch the groundwork for a plan of making an amusement park like entertainment venues.

“Fuu I never get bored when Yuusuke is around. I hope these peaceful days could continue on.”
“....yes I hope so.”

Seeing how the flame princess was smiling happily, Yuusuke had somehow turned the sad mood around.


The next day, Yuusuke headed towards the palace’s outdoor training grounds to give out the magic flutes. Although the number of special force people were sparse, after gathering the group they began moving out towards Trent Rietta’s highway.

A representative of the palace bureaucracy who had organized the special forces appeared before Yuusuke in response to the delivery of the flutes, and started with a greeting when he noticed Violet.

“Oh, well if it isn’t the princess, we are honored by your presence, as the representative of the force~”
“Ahh~that’s alright, no need to be so respectfully. I am just accompanying Yuusuke.”

Realizing that Violet was next to Yuusuke, these noble began their set of greetings trying not to spoil Violet’s mood.

“Opps, this is so disrespectful. I’m sorry for holding up princess’s favorite hero.”
“Is it over? The bureaucrats have it tough.“

Yuusuke threw a sarcasm back at the palace officials. In an instant, these bureaucrats faces became stiffed.

The anti Darkness God Faction was aware of Violet’s interest to Yuusuke’s special divine arts, therefore they act intimate with him, his divine arts have brought him great things, it had even gave him status.

“The princess’s selfiness”, “The king’s absurd parent love” had caused various things that had exhausted them thoroughly, these nobles are those who revolted against the appointing of him being a palace knight just because he have a special divine art.

Known as the protector of Hivordir’s family the house of Volace, a close friend of the former Chief Divine Arts Instructor Zeshald, and the producer of the effective divine arts rings, Yuusuke was recognised as not a bad person.

But, these things have created a vicious cycle that causes repulsion and suspicious minds of the anti-darkness corps faction. From the eyes within the palace, the darkness god captain doesn’t seem to be like a person who is a man of valor in battle, but the princess’s indulgence, thus they are skeptical about his deeds of arms.

The Darkness God Corps members, the Volace house nobles who favors the Darkness God Captain and even the appointment of Hero were the plans of King Esvobus to make the princess happy. That is what they believe.

“We have definitely received them. Now those magical beasts will not be an enemy against the soldiers.”
“....please note that, there are some rumors that these magical flutes doesn’t work on some magical beast.”

The magic flute only works on modded magical beast, it will not work on the common magical beasts. The representatives of the palace bureaucrats didn’t seem to pay attention to what Yuusuke was saying and began distributing the flutes to the specials forces.

“I wonder if it will be alright~”
“These people are experienced soldiers who had fought in the Rinval liberation war. There is no problem.”

Violet patted on the worried Yuusuke’s back grabbed his arm and started heading towards the palace coach stop. The plan for today was to go and visit Razshia in Yuusuke’s mansion underground research lab to check on her progress on the growth of the solar moss.

“Oh btw Yuusuke, have you played with the singing princess that dedicated her song to you?”
“At least being on the offensive? Anyway just do it.”

Rasanasha acts as an cultivation research assistant for Razshia, occasionally helping with analysis and researching the water source, although her real job is intelligence gathering and espionage.

Other than her jobs stated above, the gathering of information is centered around the commoner’s district, however recently she have been gathering the gossips of the middle districts and reporting it to Yuusuke.

“In the first place, I haven’t properly replied to Sun’s surprised attack, how could I go around and play with other girls….”

It is impossible right, hoping it will not result in a bloody ending as Yuusuke gradually became depressed. The next time would be alright, as he muttered silently.

“Ah….I’m sorry, don’t be depressed. It’s my fault.”

“As I thought!”

Although the palace bureaucrats are planning and scheming against him, the person in question is taking it easy.

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