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Chapter 85 : The Queen's Proposal

A few days after the civil war of Trent Rietta. The Darkness God Corps, the investigation unit and the reinforcement troops had triumphantly returns to the bustling streets of Sanc Adiet, from Rinval of the neighbouring country.

Among the merchants whom conduct trade, an important issue had been raised. It was regarding the subjugation of the magical beast near the facilities that was blockaded.

The half eaten dead bodies of the bandits were first found near the highway of Trent Rietta.

The monetary award was most likely in the hands of the former Wind Edge executive, someone had seen the financial officer Aizzhar escaping with the magical beasts that were brought along near the edge of Rinval,

Before long, traders were being attacked on the highway by a cluster of modded beasts, reports of injuries began popping up in various places. The trade association began their cooperation with Trent Rietta’s investigation unit and traded the information which they had gathered, the recent magical beast threat seems to be the work of several clusters of modded magical beasts.

All of a sudden, the magical beast threat seemed to have increased. Unlike the regular magical beasts, modded magical beast were raised up from the infant stage and they possessed the ability to breed. With time they would multiply at an accelerated pace.

At one point they had failed to delay the movement of the cluster of the magical beasts, thus the different countries organized a punitive force in order to do something about it. However, it was a lucrative season for the mercenaries due to the danger.

The reason it had came to this result in the first place was because of the Nossentes people, whom had waited for the tide to turn. Even a part of the people involved had denounced the happenings.

The alliance formed by Trent Rietta, the internal ravages caused by the magical beasts unit of Wind Edge, the cries of distress from them were all being suppressed. With their mother country in ruins, these residents of the former Nossentes were left without support.


“Hey you guys aren’t allowed to do business here!”
“What? This is a place for free trading. There is no reason for you guys to complain.”

“We can’t deliver our goods because of the evil beasts that you bastards have created!”
“God knows if I did it or not.”

Several local men could be seen approaching the store that was being run by a young male and female. Recently, these kind of sights had been occurring around the commoner’s district street markets.

The immigrants of the old Nossentes district have been trying to avoid clashing with the local residents whom were using the high-handedness of their homeland as an excuse to fight with them, thus violent incidents became frequent.

In addition, the divine arts patrol of the commoner district were actively enforcing against intimidation and injustice acts, further contributing to the already tense situation. The salesgirl was shaken up, hoping for someone to help her as she took a step back, a young immigrant lad stood in front of the group as though confronting them. Then~

“Please sell me this ring.”
“Eh? Ah, wa, yes that would be 3 green crystal.”

“Hey dude, why are you buying~~”

Wondering whether the lone man who bought the accessory could read the mood of the surrounding area.The group which was causing trouble at the stall directed their threatening gaze to the purchaser.

The purchaser was wearing special armor parts of the black palace knights uniform, had black hair, paid the green crystals and looked back towards them.

“You, you…..are from the Darkness God corps……”
“Darkness God Corp’s captain Yuusuke, I just shopped at this store, is there any problems?”

Rumors of him alone dispersing an army of hundreds was abundant, although it seemed to be exaggerated. He was renowned as the Hero of Fonclanc, the fame of the Darkness God Captain is an object of awe. A reliable presence to a law-abiding citizen, while a symbol of fear to the lawless.

The surrounding onlookers were expecting something to happen as they started jeering. They taunted the thugs and were awaiting for a fight to happen with the Darkness God Captain with a motive of bets.

Seeing that some thugs were scaring away people, obstructing businesses and picking a fight with the Darkness God Captain, the nearby soldiers were in panic as they rushed over.

“You guys, do your work.”
“We are sorry….”

Seeing that the soldier’s have overlooked the obvious trouble, Yuusuke realised that he had to report to Violet about the public order activities and to enforce the ideas of the soldiers.

The storekeepers showed their appreciation to Yuusuke, however, he had a complex feeling while showing a subtle face.

The Darkness God Corps was skeptical about the relationship of the immigrants from Nossentes. There was a rumor spreading around the streets of Sanc Adiet, ”the captain of the Darkness God Corps is looking after the Artless”, “he seem to have connections with Gazzetta”.

Radical conspiracy theories about the fall of Patrucia Nost Central by Gazzetta’s infiltration forces overnight was with the guidance of the Darkness God Captain had popped up.

Originally, these kind of rumors were whispered quietly in a back corner of the bar, so such rumors of the Darkness God Corps weren’t publicly spread.

“Well then, time to go check on a new power source.”

After purchasing the cheap rings for enchantments, Yuusuke headed to Sorzak’s store.


The first capital of Blue Garden, Cofta. In the underground palace beneath Sharuna temple, where Queen Risha resides, the King of Gazzetta, Shinha had sent a personal letter addressing to the Queen’s future policy and strategies.

Risha often sent personal letters to Shinha, she wanted to push forward the ideals of her dead father, the concept of uniting the 5 affinity.

Fonclanc’s King Esvosbus was included during the meeting of Deernook fortress, in order for the stability and peace of the world to come into realization, she would have to propose it to Trent Rietta’s King Cliffzard as well, especially the 4 great gods faith without changing the democratic system.

In order to make the equality of the 5 affinity possible, with the 4 great god faith’s strong influence in Fonclanc an early stage for explanation to the population was required. On the other hand, Trent Rietta’s populace seemed to be more open to the idea.

Since the biggest obstacle have disappeared, along with the downfall of Nossentes, as long as Shinha agrees, the union of the 5 affinity could be realized with the cooperations of the 4 great nations, thus things should be able to advance smoothly.

With “Sharunar’s divine artefact” in her hands. Risha was able to maximize its blessing for her activities. She is able to concentrate from dawn till late night zealously learning and soaking up knowledge.

Even the twins were pleading for her to rest, other than stopping for food and body maintenance, she had been completely spending her time on learning the political affairs, she needed to soak up the knowledge of the years she had spent as a caged bird.

“This will do…. Recently Shinha’s answers are all in agreement, I’m sure he understands~~”

Closing the letter as she seal with the stamp of the Queen. The letter was then sent via messengers birds to Gazzetta’s Patrucia Nost.


A small shadowy figure could be seen strolling on the sky garden atop the old god temple of the central facilities of Patrucia Nost. Bestowed with a miracle of the Evil God, this priestess of Gazzetta Ayukas has lived for 3000 years. From morning, noon to evening, strolling the gardens have become a routine for her.

Recently Ayuka had been responsible for delivering Risha’s personal letter to Shinha from the messenger birds that have landed onto the garden.

“A love letter from Miss Risha.”
“Personal letter you mean.”

“Doesn’t it look something like that?”
Laughing at his burning red face, Ayuka’s small stature disappears as she continued with her walk leaving a sighing Shinha who began unsealing Risha’s letter. The contents of the letter was about the 5 affinity initiative. In addition, the current state of herself and her own point of view about the world trend.

Shinha was wondering whether he should write a reply or not, he wanted to avoid the topic of the 5 affinity entirely and reply with a trifling topic while thinking about her feelings.

Ever since they had claimed Patrucia Nost back, he assessed the domestic situation, previously the majority of the people in Gazzetta were Artless that had been recognized by divine arts users, however now in order for the integration of the Nossentes locals, a big step must be taken to have the artless and divine art users work together in equality.

There had been strife amongst the people from Gazzetta and those who weren’t, but it wasn’t too big of a problem.

Shinha himself was entangled with the Evil God since the time he traveled and came into contact with the other country’s divine users, he had realized that the thoughts of the people born there were dominated by the country’s environment and culture. Even though he knew that, he seemed to agree that the proposal that Risha had came up with wasn’t bad at all.

Even the appeasement faction in Gazzetta who was againstShinha would agree to this.

“The new era of the White clan eh….”

That said, the revival of the White Clan Empire that they had been striving for is well on the way. If he were to change the policies now, it might shake the foundations of Gazzetta. The opposition faction would probably fiercely resist the changes while the appeasement faction would welcome them.

And so after thinking about it, Shinha realized that he was able to accept Risha’s proposal.

“ make matter worse, I am feeling uneasy about this.”

Finally regaining the once lost anxiety, he laughed at himself, Shinha knew that in the near future he would be at a crossroad to choose how he wanted to steer the country towards a new era.


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