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Chapter 81 : Happenings on the street of the relay town

Hivodir’s reinforcements that had earlier headed to Rinval were currently assisting in King Cliffzard’s escape, while an emergency measure meeting was being held in Volance palace. At the same time, the Darkness God Corps was getting ready to head towards Trent Rietta.

The discussion on how to handle the custody of Valerie and her members would be held after dinner.

Considering their circumstances other than knowing the organisation and simply being a captive, Valerie was just being used by the organisation.

Whether it was using magical beasts as part of the Wind Edge’s forces, Valerie was upset with the actions the 3 officers had undertaken which had dishonoured the Elfodoras Family. She hoped that asking the organization members to surrender would cause turmoil within the inner part of Wind Edge.

“It’s possible, but what should I do?”
“What to do huh...the choice is yours. You should decide the path you want to follow.”

“I see”

Soon after, King Esvosbus approved the proposal of the Darkness God Corps. A few days ago, King Cliffzard was reorganizing the army that had escaped together with him from the battle at Rinval’s  the Wind Edge forces, and the unofficial participation of the head of the Elfdoras family was recognized as a strategy by the Darkness God Corps.

Valerie will be there representing, to atone for her family, by helping King Cliffzard to reclaim the capital.

The next day, Hivodir’s reinforcement had joined up with Trent Rietta’s liberation army on the shoreline highway and the advance to Rinval began.

The investigation unit that was under the Darkness God Corps, was currently in the border relay town, which was on the highway that connected directly to Rinval. They were there to support Hivodir’s reinforcements and Trent Rietta’s Liberation army.

Vermeer and Welsh anticipated that an interception force might come from Driadria.

“The forces in Driadria consist of 2 battalions of mercenaries totaling around 480. The magical beast unit will have around 12.”

“However, the number of mercenaries in the capital is somewhere around the thousands… The combined forces of the reinforcement and liberation army might not even reach ¼ of theirs.”

“If all the mercenaries were to fight, they would be a threat. But considering the situation now, the upkeep expenses of such an army are unreasonably high..”

“I believe that the general affairs officer, Fortress, will most likely use the capital reserves and the civilians in military employment.”

If they were to be successful integrated into Wind Edge’s army, the total estimated force will be around 2000 people, however ~~

“Well, since the old days, the citizens’ nature were hard to alter, so there will be those who would refuse the call out.”
“Ah….I know that feeling.”

Due to the frequent changes of the King and hearing the reasons to change the throne, the people understood that the rebellion was unrelated to them. While the reinforcements and Trent Rietta’s Army were doing a rough strategy training, the Darkness God Corp’s survey party had arrived at the relay town on the border.


In the Wind Edge HQ located at Rinval’s palace, general affairs officer Fortress, is currently analyzing all sorts of information that was coming in. The footsteps of Financial officer Aizhar, who had just finished paying the contracted mercenaries could be heard approaching.

“Seriously, these unplanned expenses! At this rate, the fundings for hiring mercenaries will be in the red next month!”

The capturing of the remaining Trent Rietta forces in the capital wasn’t going as well as the financial officer had hoped, so he was cursing and having a headache over the depleting war funds.

The fact is that King Cliffzard is still going strong, Fonclanc’s reinforcement is at the coastline near the border, the Darkness God Corps who could deter the attacks are moving, while the three officers don’t have any unity amongst themselves.

The speeches that were held to inspire a new era of progress in the Trent Rietta Empire didn’t seem to get much of a response. Although it seems to be “a wait and see” situation, there were opportunistic citizens in Trent Rietta who would direct their anger at the Finance officer.

“In reverse, by beating the Darkness God Corps with our power, the citizens would follow us.”
“ it possible? Even in the middle of the experiment, those guys were the ones who killed the magical modded beast in their first encounter.”

“If we can’t, we can be considered defeated. Of course, there are some odds for winning.”

They began spread rumors like this, by borrowing Fonclanc’s strength to recapture Trent Rietta meant the surrendering of Trent Rietta to Fonclanc’s general and because of the strict rules that Fonclanc had, the freedom  the citizens had up until now would be restricted.

By forming an anti-Gazzetta military alliance and tying the governing of Trent Rietta, after a short while King Cliffzard would sell out the country. Thus in order to prevent this from happening, Wind Edge is currently taking a confrontational stance against Fonclanc’s aggressive attitude.

“If we can defend against Fonclanc’s reinforcement and King Cliffzard’s liberation army, while shutting down the Darkness God Corps, the citizens will definitely stand by us.”

Fortunately, they knew that the Darkness God Corps, in order to restrain Gazzetta’s army landing, is currently rushing in small groups to regroup with the reinforcement at Rinval.

“For the defence here in the capital we can use the magical beasts and mercenaries.”

There shouldn’t be many magic flutes that were leaked out from the facility. In fact there were only a few people who actually knows how to correctly use the magical flute to control the 50 magical beast in the capital and there are only about 5 to 6 magical flutes.

“Military officer - dono. Take one battalion of the organisation’s elites and the troops that had remained in Driadria to intercept the Darkness God Crops.”
“Hiaz, to even use Driadria’s forces. Fonclan’s strongest corps doesn’t even number to a hundred to use three battalion including elites….”

Can it be done~~? And this was the organization of forces that Aizhar came to after many thoughts. The confirmed amount of elite forces that the Darkness God Corps have is around 70, against the forces that they currently have here that are exhausted from the recent battle which total at nine hundred and thirty people comprising of three battalions and elites, it should be trivial. Even with a reduced number of magical beasts it will still be a win.

“Okay, an interception squad will go and hinder the movement of the Darkness God Corps.”

During that time, the military officer will take one battalion of elites from Rinval, merge with the two battalions in Driadria and then link up with the interception squad that is hindering the Darkness God Corps and crush them.

The interception squad’s role is to hinder their use of wind assist skills, by making use of the magical beast unit which could interrupt movement assist, it should leave them stranded.

“Tomorrow, the Darkness God Corps should be arriving at the village that has a highway connecting to Rinval. The middle and surrounding area of the village will most probably turn into a battlefield.”
“This will be a race against time, immediately direct the battalions at Driadria to here and get the military officer a sortie request!”

Making footsteps like when Aizhar arrived at the HQ, the general affairs officer was about to leave when he was halted.

“Something is bothering me though….., the assassin we released for Reie ojou-sama have not returned.”
“Un? That said, the man pursuing that artless kid has reported back.”

Fortress made a huge laugh as he had completely forgot about her, while Aizhar remained expressionless. “If Lady Valerie was still alive” it would have an adverse effect, thus he urged the officer to pursue the assassin for the confirmation.

“There are still members in the organisation that believes Ojou-sama is the head. Especially, the military officer must not know of it….”
“Yikes that is truly unfavorable! Immediately make arrangements.”

After noticing the general affairs officer’s changed expression by his words, Aizhar left the HQ.


Previously, it was under a pretext of supporting an investigation by the branch of the Trade Association on the damages done by the magical beast in the town near the border. But tomorrow, the Darkness God Corps will however be on a forced march, thus they have to be ready for action.

As planned, they will leave the town early in the morning tomorrow, where they will have an early lunch at the relay town. After contacting with Hivodir’s reinforcements, they will then proceed towards Rinval.

“The arrangement is that the reinforcement forces and liberation army will attack first, while the corps will break in from the side.”
“But, the people on our side who can participate in the break in for the attack is about forty people right?”

“Yes, but our main job is easy, it’s to protect the captain.”
“It is~~”

Vermeer frankly stated that from the beginning the strategy was focused on Yuusuke’s power. First they had to destroy all the magic flutes that control the magical beasts, the number of beasts will be considered a problem after.

It seems that Wind Edge had been recruiting mercenaries around the area of Driadria since the Magical beast facility incident.

They had also considered hiring mercenaries within Fonclanc, naturally funds had to be prepared, but there weren’t many mercenaries as there wasn’t much work to do within Fonclanc.

“Hm….unlike the other time in Paula where we had brought along materials, this break in will be much harder.”
“Well, the corps just has to attract the attention of the enemy, isn’t defence and disturbance the area of expertise of the captain?”

“We can count on him” as Vermeer placed his hand on Yuusuke’s shoulder while laughing.

“Count on me, is it….”



Night, in the deserted square of the town, Sun called out to him as Yuusuke was looking up at the night sky cloud that was passing by.

“Ng? What’s wrong Sun, can’t sleep?”
“No, I just happen to catch sight of Yuusuke-san…. Want to talk for a bit?”

Yuusuke and Sun began strolling down the silent streets of the town. It wasn’t a bad time to have a little slow talk for tonight as no one knows what will happen in the decisive battle tomorrow.

After finding a suitable place, he began using his customization skill. A stylish mesh designed bench appeared for both of them to sit.

“So what’s bothering you?”
“You noticed?”

“I see.”

Although the sentences were short. The short conversations seemed innocent, but it was of trust. As the cold night wind blows at them, the distance between the two of them seems to get closer, Sun decided to take a bold chance.

“Please open up to me. I will also give Yuusuke-san….everything.”

Understanding the meaning behind the word “everything”, and after remembering a specific incident, Yuusuke began to blush red. Right then, Yuusuke understood his feelings which he had discovered recently, and knowing his position, he began to talk.

Originally, he would be more suitable as Violet’s aide in the palace while researching and doing what he liked daily. But he had been doing heroic stuff and being called to the battlefield, and he expected to get soldiers for subordinates, but the subordinates seemed to have been brought from a peaceful environment.

“Shaheed had previously said.”
“To possess an ability that can be used to do anything, but only if the conditions are right, if that was the case he would possibly be able to choose the type of mission, however that would also mean giving up his duties and responsibilities.”

Ever since he had been summoned to this world, he realized that many huge events seemed to have occurred. Before he arrived, the various conspiracies had stayed hidden somewhere around the world, unlike now, where they were erupting from the surface of the shadows where they once lurked. There is a chance that they might just disappear if they were left hidden.

Was it the nature of the Evil God to attract chaos around him, he himself can’t seem to connect the dots leading to greater events.

“After hearing the strategy details from Vermeer, I felt that I myself wasn’t really prepared.”

In order to cope with the things that are happening, he had half-heartedly introduced things around his vicinity like the car, the cultivation of solar moss, research of the elixir, which changed the “world”. But these were within the narrow fields of constraints.

Creating a law that protects the Artless which had overthrown the common sense of this world, originally this was due to Isotta’s life. If he didn’t say anything to Violet nothing would have occurred.

“In the end, I am just me right?”

Creating a fortress and walls in Blue Garden. Coming with ways to solve things ingeniously, doing things in his mission beyond what others can do. Running away from Nossentes without doing anything. Only retaliating if being attacked, although he couldn’t actively prevent Shinha’s invasion.

Even he had no choice but to act during the magical beast incident. Only to realize that it feels like he’s being led by a leash.

“Let’s deepen the knowledge of the world” although Violet had said that, not trying to know the world, is not being concerned about it. The battle, this time is centred around his powers, thus there is some pressure for him to answer their expectations.

However, this requires him to perform beyond what he has done before. Of course, doing this will increase his status within the country, while refraining from selfish actions, although at this rate he might become the Hero of Fonclanc, but is this good? He wondered.

“To say one thing or another, I myself am scared of the things that will be caused”

Speaking, opening up his heart, Yuusuke once again looked towards the sky and sighed as Sun gently hugged him. She gently held him as Yuusuke’s monologue was getting heated by his thoughts.

“Yuusuke-san is earnestly working hard.”

“Is that so?”
“Yes. I believe that you don’t need to force yourself if you don’t want to.”

Burying her face into Yuusuke’s chest, Sun continued to speak.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Evil God or not. Yuusuke-san is Yuusuke-san, live as you like.”
“I see…. Was I just too eager?”

Yuusuke suddenly remembered the saying he had once told Razshia, “Let nature flow.”~~

“....yet again, I will do it with a smile.”

~~ wondering when he had told Razshia, his body became stiff. Although being aware of his own image, it is different when things had fallen upon himself.

“Difficult right? Yuusuke-san must live a Yuusuke-like life.”

Sun slightly moved away from him, her hand gently reaching out to the blushing cheeks reflected upon Yuusuke’s eyes. Sun’s skinny fingers envelops Yuusuke’s cheeks.

“Like Yuusuke-san said before, you didn’t really want to be assertive….that’s why~~”

Sun slowly brought her face closer. As their lips and eyes became glued to each other, Yuusuke could feel his heart beating violently. Was it his own heart beating, or was it Sun’s heart that was captured by the customization ability beating. Sun gently closed her eyes as their faces drew closer and their noses touched.

The distance between their lips were mixed with moist and hot breath as Sun stopped moving. Yuusuke stopped moving as well. His face could feel the beating from the hot fingers resonating with his pulse. A grain of a teardrop from Sun’s closed eye fell onto Yuusuke’s back.

A sleeve of a black uniform could be seen wrapping across the white attendant uniform, hugging the petite body. As though the darkness is covering the light.


He felt like temporarily escaping.

“However, this time nevertheless…..”

Yuusuke decided to receive the comfort of Sun’s soft, warm body, the gentle scent and sweet lips.


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